NETotic Cells


High Presence of NETotic Cells and Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Vaginal Discharges of Women with Vaginitis: An Exploratory Study

Zambrano et al. investigated a rarely addressed issue in public health – infectious vaginitis – by characterizing NETotic cells and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in vaginal discharges of women with vaginitis. Identification of extracellular DNA, neutrophil elastase, and citrullinated histones was performed with TissueFAXS i Plus system.



Interplay between Partial EMT and Cisplatin Resistance as the Drivers for Recurrence in HNSCC

In a recent study, Ingruber et al. investigated the role of partial epithelial to mesenchymal transition (pEMT)-related proteins in modulating Cisplatin resistance in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). To perform an in-depth quantitative analysis, the power of TissueFAXS platform and StrataQuest software was utilized.

Expression and clinical significance


Expression and clinical significance of VISTA, B7-H3, and PD-L1 in glioma
Clinical Immunology

In a recent study, Wang et al. investigated RNA and protein expression of various immune checkpoint molecules, highlighting their prognostic value. To scan multiple markers simultaneously on TMAs the multispectral tissue cytometer TissueFAXS SPECTRA was used, as well as StrataQuest for in-depth phenotyping.

P2X7 receptor


P2X7 receptor isoform B is a key drug resistance mediator for neuroblastoma
Frontiers in Oncology

Arnaud-Sampaio et al. addressed the persistent problem of drug resistance in cancer and elucidated the role of the P2X7 receptor in chemoresistance, using TissueFAXS platform for image acquisition and StrataQuest software for in-depth cytometric quantifications. The paper was published in Frontiers in Oncology.

Cytotoxic CD8+ T cells may be drivers


Cytotoxic CD8+ T cells may be drivers of tissue destruction in Sjögren’s syndrome
scientific reports

In this study, published in scientific reports Nature, Kaneko et al. investigated the role of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets in salivary glands of patients with Sjögren’s syndrome. In order to perform an in-depth quantitative analysis, the power of TissueFAXS platform, and both TissueQuest and StrataQuest software were utilized.

Adverse Effects of Single


A Fraction of CD8+ T Cells from Colorectal Liver Metastases Preferentially Repopulate Autologous Patient-Derived Xenograft Tumors as Tissue-Resident Memory T Cells

This study from Liang et al. (University of Gothenburg) assessed phenotypic and functional characteristics of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes within colorectal liver metastases (CRLM). For the in-situ tissue cytometry analysis, with the main focus on CD103+CD8+ TRM cells, the power of TissueFAXS CHROMA and StrataQuest was utilized.

Adverse Effects of Single


The impact of HIV infection on the frequencies, function, spatial localization and heterogeneity of T follicular regulatory cells (TFRs) within human lymph nodes
BMC Immunology

Mahlobo et al. published a study in BMC Immunology addressing the effect of HIV infections on frequencies, function, spatial localization and heterogeneity of T follicular regulatory cells (TFRs) in human lymph nodes. TFRs within lymph node tissues were quantified using TissueFAXS i PLUS and TissueQuest.

Temporal changes


Temporal changes in T cell subsets and expansion of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells in the lungs in severe COVID-19
Clinical Immunology

Kaneko et al. published a study in the Clinical Immunology journal focusing on the quantitative analysis of T-cell subset alterations in thoracic lymph nodes and lung samples of COVID-19 patients. With the help of TissueFAXS and StrataQuest, the authors were first to show the expansion of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells in the lungs of patients with severe COVID-19.

Spatial Distribution


Spatial distribution and functional analysis define the action pathway of Tim-3/Tim-3 ligands in tumor development
Molecular Therapy

In a recent publication in the journal Molecular Therapy, Wang et al (Cheeloo Medical College of Shandong University) combine multiplexing and TissueGnostics’ image cytometry solutions for the assessment of the expression level of Tim-3, a well-known immune checkpoint, in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. This study nominates Tim-3 as a potential target for cancer immunotherapy.

Multi-Antigen Imaging


Multi-Antigen Imaging Reveals Inflammatory DC, ADAM17 and Neprilysin as Effectors in Keloid Formation
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

In a recent publication in the MDPI - International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Rath et al (University Hospital Heidelberg) combine multiplexing, TissueGnostics’ image cytometry and in-depth data mining to characterize the immune microenvironment including spatial relationships within keloid lesions. Using this approach, the authors were able to nominate potential therapeutic targets.

SynNotch-CAR T


SynNotch-CAR T cells overcome challenges of specificity, heterogeneity, and persistence in treating glioblastoma
Science Translational Medicine

A recent publication from the group of Choe et al. (University of California, UCSF) published in Science Translational research is exploring the therapeutic effectiveness of SynNotch-CAR T cells in a PDX glioblastoma mouse model. T cells in-situ were imaged/assessed by TissueFAXS and quantified via StrataQuest.

Functional Impairment


Functional impairment of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells precedes aborted spontaneous control of viremia

In a recent study published in the journal Immunity, Collins et al (Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard) were able to show key immunologic and virologic parameters of durable HIV control. For high resolution visualization of the virus, lymph node tissues were marked with HIV specific RNAScope probes and acquired using TissueFAXS Q.

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Customer Publications (A total of 2312 papers published)

Endo180 and MT1-MMP are involved in the phagocytosis of collagen scaffolds by macrophages and is regulated by interferon-gamma

Ye Q, Xing Q, Ren Y, Harmsen MC, Bank RA

European Cells and Materials (NCBI) The Netherlands, 07 October 2010

Regenerative Medicine

Key words: Hexamethylenediisocyanate, glutaraldehyde cross-linked sheep collagen,

Conditional IFNAR1 ablation reveals distinct requirements of Type I IFN signaling for NK cell maturation and tumor surveillance

Tatsuaki Mizutani, Nina Neugebauer, Eva M Putz, Nadine Moritz, Olivia Simma, Eva Zebedin-Brandl, Dagmar Gotthardt, Wolfgang Warsch, Eva Eckelhart, Hans-Peter Kantner, Ulrich Kalinke, Stefan Lienenklaus, Siegfried Weiss, Birgit Strobl, Mathias Müller, Veronika Sexl, Dagmar Stoiber

OncoImmunology (Taylor and Francis) Austria, Germany, 01 October 2010


Key words: IFNAR1, IFNß, NK cells, leukemia, tumor surveillance

Transcriptional coactivators p300 and CBP stimulate estrogen receptor-beta signaling and regulate cellular events in prostate cancer

Jan Bouchal, Frédéric R Santer, Philipp PS Höschele, Eva Tomastikova, Hannes Neuwirt, Zoran Culig

The Prostate (Wiley) Austria, Czech Republic, 21 September 2010


Key words: Transcriptional coactivators, prostate cancer, estrogen receptor-ß, migration, genistein

Physicochemical characterization and in vivo bioluminescence imaging of nanostructured lipid carriers for targeting the brain: apomorphine as a model drug

Shu-Hui Hsu, Chih-Jen Wen, S A Al-Suwayeh, Hui-Wen Chang, Tzu-Chen Yen, Jia-You Fang

Nanotechnology (IOP Science) Taiwan, 08 September 2010


Key words: Drug administration, Fluorescence microscopy, Drug release, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Brain Aqueous solutions, Saline Particle size, Transmission electron microscopy, Fluorescence, Nanoparticles Water Bioluminescence

Towards a versatile automated cell-detection system for science and diagnostics

Heindl, A, Dekan, S, Ellinger, I, Seewald, AK

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEEXplore) Austria, 04 September 2010

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Pixel, Proteins, Algorithm design and analysis, Histograms, Microscopy, Software tools

Self-assembling peptide amphiphile promotes plasticity of serotonergic fibers following spinal cord injury

Vicki M Tysseling, Vibhu Sahni, Eugene T Pashuck, Derin Birch, Amy Hebert, Catherine Czeisler, Samuel I Stupp, John A Kessler

Journal of Neuroscience Research (Wiley) USA, 03 September 2010


Key words: Spinal cord injury, nanotechnology, biomaterials, regeneration, serotonin

Pathological State: Spinal Cord Injury

TGF-β IL-6 axis mediates selective and adaptive mechanisms of resistance to molecular targeted therapy in lung cancer

Zhan Yao, Silvia Fenoglio, Ding Cheng Gao, Matthew Camiolo, Brendon Stiles, Trine Lindsted, Michaela Schlederer, Chris Johns, Nasser Altorki, Vivek Mittal, Lukas Kenner, Raffaella Sordella

PNAS (PNAS) USA, 31 August 2010


Key words: Epidermal growth-factor receptor nonsmall cell lung cancer

Segmentation of cell nuclei within complex configurations in images with colon sections

Rogojanu, R, Bises, G, Smochina, C, Manta, V

Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (IEEEXplore) Austria, Romania, 28 August 2010

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Nuclei segmentation

MR imaging to assess immediate response to irreversible electroporation for targeted ablation of liver tissues: preclinical feasibility studies in a rodent model

Yue Zhang, Yang Guo, Ann B Ragin, Robert J Lewandowski, Guang-Yu Yang, Grace M Nijm, Alan V Sahakian, Reed A Omary, Andrew C Larson

Radiology (Radiological Society of North America) USA, 01 August 2010

Biological Methods

Tissue Microarrays in Cancer Research

Toby C Cornish, Angelo M De Marzo

Modern Molecular Biology (Springer) USA, 29 July 2010


Key words: Tissue microarrays, formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue

Automated Analysis of Tissue Microarrays

Marisa Dolled-Filhart, Mark Gustavson, Robert L Camp, David L Rimm, John L Tonkinson, Jason Christiansen

Tissue Microarrays (Springer) USA, 21 July 2010

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Immunohistochemistry, Automated analysis, AQUA, Tissue microarrays, Quantitative analysis, Biomarkers, Immunofluorescence

Neurons and Neuronal Stem Cells Survive in Glucose-Free Lactate and in High Glucose Cell Culture Medium During Normoxia and Anoxia

Sascha Wohnsland, Heinrich F Bürgers, Wolfgang Kuschinsky, Martin H Maurer

Neurochemical Research (Springer) Germany, Austria, 03 July 2010


Key words: Global cerebral ischemia, hippocampal slice culture, glucose group, normoxic group, lactate concentration, organotypic slice culture, neuronal cell death, glucose deprivation, papain, neural progenitor cell, brain lactate, ketone body, iodide uptake, cortical neuron, rat pup

419 V600EB-RAF cooperates in Epithelial to Mesenquimal Transition regulating E-Cadherin and ILK-1 expression through the MEK/ERK-MAPK pathway

P Baquero, I Sánchez-Hernández, A Chiloeches

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 28 June 2010


418 Differences in radiation, cisplatin, and cetuximab sensitivity between subpopulations of head and neck cancer cells

C Nilsson, L La Fleur, K Roberg

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 28 June 2010


417 A c-Myc induced gene expression signature in human germinal center B cells predicts subtypes of aggressive non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

A Schrader, S Bentink, R Spang, D Lenze, M Hummel, M Kuo, P Murray, L Trümper, D Kube, M Vockerodt

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 28 June 2010


416 Characterization and quantification of macrophages in colorectal cancer by an automated cell system

R Rogojanu, I Mesteri, I Ellinger, T Talhammer, E Kallay, A Heindl, A Seewald, G Bises

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) Austria, 28 June 2010

Medical Image Analysis

A Rat Model for Pressure Induced Deep Tissue Injury

Fang Lin, Mauli Modi, Briana Reprogle, Mike Bajema, Ziyan Wang, Gordon Kaskin, Mohsen Makhsous

ASME 2010 Summer Bioengineering Conference (ASME) USA, 16 June 2010

Biological Methods

Key words: Pressure, Biological tissues, Wounds

An advanced approach for the characterization of dendritic cell-induced T cell proliferation in situ

Christian Florian, Thomas Barth, Anja K Wege, Daniela N Männel, Uwe Ritter

Immunobiology (Elsevier) Germany, 09 June 2010


Key words: BrdU incorporation, fluorochromes, lymph node, proliferation, T cells, TissueQuest

Neuropathologic and Biochemical Changes During Disease Progression in Liver X Receptor B_/_ Mice, A Model of Adult Neuron Disease

P Bigini, KR Steffensen, A Ferrario, L Diomede

Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology (American Association of Neuropathologists) USA, 01 June 2010


Key words: Amytrophic lateral sclerosis, Cholesterol, CNS Inflammation, Glial cells, Liver X receptors, Motor neurons, Spinal neurons

Pathological State: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Neuropathologic and Biochemical Changes During Disease Progression in Liver X Receptor β−/− Mice, A Model of Adult Neuron Disease

Paolo Bigini, Knut R Steffensen, Anna Ferrario, Luisa Diomede, Giovanni Ferrara, Sara Barbera, Sonia Salzano, Elena Fumagalli, Pietro Ghezzi, Tiziana Mennini, Jan-Åke Gustafsson

Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology (Oxford University Press) USA, 01 June 2010


Key words: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Cholesterol, CNS inflammation, Glial cells, Liver X receptors, Motor neurons, Spinal neurons

Pathological State: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Mitochondrial metabolism and ROS generation are essential for Kras-mediated tumorigenicity

Frank Weinberg, Robert Hamanaka, William W Wheaton, Samuel Weinberg, Joy Joseph, Marcos Lopez, Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Gökhan M Mutlu, G R Scott Budinger, Navdeep S Chandel

PNAS (PNAS) USA, 11 May 2010


Key words: Warburg Effect glutamine glycolysis lung cancer complex III

Identification and pre-clinical testing of a reversible cathepsin protease inhibitor reveals anti-tumor efficacy in a pancreatic cancer model

Benelita Tina Elie, Vasilena Gocheva, Tanaya Shree, Stacie A Dalrymple, Leslie J Holsinger, Johanna A Joyce

Biochimie (Elsevier) USA, 04 May 2010


Key words: Cancer, Cysteine cathepsin, Protease, Therapy

Efficient Phagocytosis Requires Triacylglycerol Hydrolysis by Adipose Triglyceride Lipase

Prakash G Chandak, Branislav Radovic, Elma Aflaki, Dagmar Kolb, Marlene Buchebner, Eleonore Fröhlich, Christoph Magnes, Frank Sinner, Guenter Haemmerle, Rudolf Zechner, Ira Taba, Sanja Levak-Fran, Dagmar Kratky

Journal of Biological Chemistry (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Austria, USA, 27 April 2010

Cell Biology

Key words: ATP, Fatty Acid, Metabolism Glucose Lipase Lipid, Droplet Macrophage, Phagocytosis, Triacylglycerol

Automated segmentation of tissue images for computerized IHC analysis

S Di Cataldo, E Ficarra, A Acquaviva, E Macii

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (Elsevier) Italy, 01 April 2010

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Immunohistochemistry, Tissue images, Tissue segmentation, Nuclear segmentation, Image processing

Rapid Pharmacokinetic and Biodistribution Studies Using Cholorotoxin-Conjugated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: A Novel Non-Radioactive Method

Michelle Jeung-Eun Lee, Omid Veiseh, Narayan Bhattarai, Conroy Sun, Stacey J Hansen, Sally Ditzler, Sue Knoblaugh, Donghoon Lee, Richard Ellenbogen, Miqin Zhang, James M Olson

PLoS One (PLOS) USA, 04 March 2010

Medical Imaging

Key words: Nanoparticles, Spleen, Fluorescence imaging, Kidneys, Pharmacokinetics, Liver, Bone marrow, Iron oxides

Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 Protects From Liver Injury and Fibrosis in a Mouse Model of Sclerosing Cholangitis

Markus Mair, Gernot Zollner, Doris Schneller, Monica Mustean, Peter Fickert Judith Gumhol, Christian Schuste, Andrea Fuchsbichler, Martin Bilban, Stefanie Tauber, Harald Esterbauer, Lukas Kenner, Valeria Poli, Leander Blaas, Jan Wilhelm Kornfeld, Emilio Casanova, Wolfgang Mikulits, Michael Trauner, Robert Eferl

Gastroenterology (Elsevier) Austria, Germany, Italy, 26 February 2010


Key words: Stat3, Liver, Conditional Mouse Model, Cholestasis

Pathological State: Cholangitis

PI3Kγ Protects from Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury through a Kinase-Independent Pathway

Bernhard J Haubner, G Gregory Neely, Jakob G J Voelkl, Federico Damilano, Keiji Kuba, Yumiko Imai, Vukoslav Komnenovic, Agnes Mayr, Otmar Pachinger, Emilio Hirsch, Josef M Penninger, Bernhard Metzler

PLoS One (PLOS) Austria, Italy, 22 February 2010


Key words: Reperfusion, Heart, Inflammation, Reperfusion injury, Infarction, Cardiac ventricles, Bone marrow cells, Bone marrow transplantation

Roles of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) versus HIF-2α in the survival of hepatocellular tumor spheroids

Heidi Menrad, Christian Werno, Tobias Schmid, Ekaterini Copanaki, Thomas Deller, Nathalie Dehne,Bernhard Brüne

Hepatology (Wiley) Germany, 19 February 2010


Key words: Hypoxia-inducible factors, hypoxic stress, tumor tissues, hepatocellular carcinoma, proapoptotic Bax

BMPR1a and BMPR1b Signaling Exert Opposing Effects on Gliosis after Spinal Cord Injury

Vibhu Sahni, Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Vicki Tysseling, Amy Hebert, Derin Birch, Tammy L Mcguire, Samuel I Stupp, John A Kessler

Journal of Neuroscience (SFN) USA, 03 February 2010


Key words: Spinal cord injury, bone morphogenetic protein, Western blot analysis

Pathological State: Spinal Cord Injury

Human Rhinovirus 14 Enters Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells Expressing ICAM-1 by a Clathrin-, Caveolin-, and Flotillin-Independent Pathway

Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Angela Pickl-Herk, Leszek Gajdzik, Thomas C Marlovits, Renate Fuchs, Dieter Blaas

Journal of Virology (American Society for Microbiology) Austria, 03 February 2010


Key words: Rhynovirus

Neutralization of Osteopontin Inhibits Obesity-Induced Inflammation and Insulin Resistance

Florian W Kiefer, Maximilian Zeyda, Karina Gollinger, Birgit Pfau, Angelika Neuhofer, Thomas Weichhart, Marcus D Säemann, René Geyeregger, Michaela Schlederer, Lukas Kenner, Thomas M Stulnig

Diabetes (Diabetes Journals) Austria, 27 January 2010


Key words: Obesity, osteopontin, insulin sensitivity, fatty acid synthase (FAS), sterol regulatory element–binding protein-1c

Pathological State: Obesity

IL-4 induces cathepsin protease activity in tumor-associated macrophages to promote cancer growth and invasion

Vasilena Gocheva, Hao-Wei Wang, Bedrick B Gadea, Tanaya Shree, Karen E Hunter, Alfred L Garfall, Tara Berman, Johanna A Joyce

Genes and Development (CSH Press) USA, 15 January 2010


Key words: Tumor-associated macrophage, tumor microenvironment, cysteine cathepsin protease, interleukin-4 invasion

Myosin light chain kinase mediates transcellular intravasation of breast cancer cells through the underlying endothelial cells: a three-dimensional FRET study

Satya Khuon, Luke Liang, Robert W Dettman, Peter H S Sporn, Robert B Wysolmerski, Teng-Leong Chew

Journal of Cell Science (The Company of Biologists) USA, 12 January 2010


Key words: FRET imaging, Cytoskeletal signaling, Endothelium, Transcellular invasion, Tumor intravasation, Vascular engineering

Management of recurrence of symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease: synergistic effect of rebamipide with5 mg lansoprazole

N Yoshida, K Kamada, N Tomatsuri, T Suzuki, T Takagi, H Ichikawa, T Yoshikawa

Digestive diseases and Sciences (Springer) , 01 January 2010

Synergistic antitumor effects of combined cathepsin B and cathepsin Z deficiencies on breast cancer progression and metastasis in mice

Lisa Sevenich, Uta Schurigt, Kathrin Sachse, Mieczyslaw Gajda, Fee Werner, Sebastian Müller, Olga Vasiljeva, Anne Schwinde, Nicole Klemm, Jan Deussing, Christoph Peters, Thomas Reinheckel

PNAS (PNAS) Germany, 22 December 2009


Key words: Lysosome mammary, adenocarcinoma, mouse model protease

In vivo labelling of resting monocytes in the reticuloendothelial system with fluorescent iron oxide nanoparticles prior to injury reveals that they are mobilized to infarcted myocardium

Karin Montet-Abou, Jean-Luc Daire, Jean-Noël Hyacinthe, Manuel Jorge-Costa, Kerstin Grosdemange, François Mach, Alke Petri-Fink, Heinrich Hofmann, Denis R Morel, Jean-Paul Vallée, Xavier Montet

European Heart Journal (Oxford University Press) Switzerland, 19 December 2009


Key words: Magnetic resonance imaging, Iron oxide nanoparticles, Inflammation, Myocardial infarction

Carbogen Gas–Challenge BOLD MR Imaging in a Rat Model of Diethylnitrosamine-induced Liver Fibrosis

Ning Jin, Jie Deng, Tamuna Chadashvili, Yue Zhang, Yang Guo, Zhuoli Zhang, Guang-Yu Yang, Reed A Omary, Andrew C Larson

Radiology (Radiological Society of North America) USA, 14 December 2009


Matrix metalloproteinase-9 mediates hypoxia-induced vascular leakage in the brain via tight junction rearrangement

Alexander T Bauer, Heinrich F Bürgers, Tamer Rabie, Hugo H Marti

Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism (SAGE Journals) Germany, 09 December 2009


Key words: blood–brain barrier, hypoxia, in vivo, matrix metalloproteinase, occludin, vascular permeability

Interleukin-6 trans-signalling differentially regulates proliferation, migration, adhesion and maspin expression in human prostate cancer cells

Frédéric R Santer, Kamilla Malinowska, Zoran Culig, Ilaria T Cavarretta

Endocrine-Related Cancer (Society for Endocrinology) Austria, 04 December 2009


Key words: IL-6 receptor, phosphotidylinositol 3-kinase, prostate cancer,

Stat3 Is a Negative Regulator of Intestinal Tumor Progression in ApcMin Mice

Monica Musteanu, Leander Blaas, Markus Mair, Michaela Schlederer, Martin Bilban Stefanie Tauber, Harald Esterbauer,Mathias Mueller, Emilio Casanova, Lukas Kenner, Valeria Poli, Robert Eferl

Gastroenterology (Elsevier) Austria, Italy, 04 December 2009


Key words: APC, CEACAM1, Colorectal Cancer

Mimotope vaccination for therapy of allergic asthma: anti-inflammatory effects in a mouse model

J Wallmann, MM Epstein, P Singh, R Brunner, K Szalay, L El-Housseini, I Pali-Scholl, E Jensen-Jarolim

Clinical and Experimental Allergy (Wiley) Austria, 02 December 2009

Allergy Research

Key words: T lymphocytes, grass pollen allergens, Keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH)

Disruption of the growth hormone—Signal transducer and activator of transcription 5—Insulinlike growth factor 1 axis severely aggravates liver fibrosis in a mouse model of cholestasis

Leander Blaas, Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld, Daniel Schramek, Monica Musteanu, Gernot Zollner, Judith Gumhold, Franziska van Zijl, Doris Schneller, Harald Esterbauer, Gerda Egger, Markus Mair, Lukas Kenner, Wolfgang Mikulits, Robert Eferl, Richard Moriggl, Josef Penninger, Michael Trauner, Emilio Casanova

Hepatology (Wiley) Austria, 30 November 2009


Key words: Liver Failure, Cirrhosis, Portal Hypertension

Pathological State: Liver Fibrosis

Transient Protective Effect of B-Vitamins in Experimental Epilepsy in the Mouse Brain

Tamer Rabie, Wolfgang Mühlhofer, Thomas Bruckner, Anna Schwab, Alexander T Bauer, Manfred Zimmermann, Dieter Bonke, Hugo H Marti, Johannes Schenkel

Journal of Molecular Neuroscience (Springer) Germany, 24 September 2009


Key words: Kainate administration, bcl-2 mrna expression, pyridoxine, kainate injection, tunel-positive cell, neuronal cell death, hippocampal ca3 region, genomic dna methylation, bcl-2 protein, dentate gyrus, follicular lymphoma, glutamate receptor, cognitive dysfunction, dead cell, saline-treated mouse

Epidermal loss of JunB leads to a SLE phenotype due to hyper IL-6 signaling

Pamina Pflegerl, Paul Vesely, Brigitte Hantusch, Michaela Schlederer, Rainer Zenz, Elke Janig, Günter Steiner, Arabella Meixner, Peter Petzelbauer, Peter Wolf, Afschin Soleiman, Gerda Egger, Richard Moriggl, Tadamitsu Kishimoto, Erwin F Wagner, Lukas Kenner

PNAS (PNAS) Austria, Spain, Japan, 15 September 2009


Key words: Epidermis IL-6R systemic lupus erythematosus

The potential role of c-Jun activation in patients with cutaneous lichen planus

Zuzana Marceková, Michael J Flaig, Maja Kekuš, Thomas Ruzicka, Rudolf A Rupec

Experimental Dermatology (Wiley) Germany, 15 September 2009


Key words: C-Jun activation, immunohistochemistry, lichen planus, squamous cell carcinoma

Expression of sulfotransferases and sulfatases in human breast cancer: Impact on resveratrol metabolism

Michaela Miksits, Katrin Wlcek, Martin Svoboda, Theresia Thalhammer, Isabella Ellinger, Gabriele Stefanzl, Charles N Falany, Thomas Szekeres, Walter Jaeger

Cancer Letters (Elsevier) Austria, USA, 10 September 2009


Key words: Resveratrol, Sulfation, Breast cancer, SULTs, Sulfatases, PCR, Immunofluorescence

COP1 contributes to UVB-induced signaling in human keratinocytes

Agnes Kinyo, Zsuzsanna Kiss-Laszlo, Szabolcs Hambalko, Attila Bebes, Maria Kiss, Marta Szell, Zsuzsanna Bata-Csörgo, Ferenc Nagy, Lajos Kemeny

Journal of Investigative Dermatology (Elsevier) Hungary, UK, 10 September 2009


The relationship between collagen scaffold cross-linking agents and neutrophils in the foreign body reaction

Qingsong Ye, Martin C Harmsen, Marja JA van Luyn, Ruud A Bank

Biomaterials (Elsevier) The Netherlands, China, Australia, 09 September 2009

Regenerative Medicine

Key words: Matrix metalloproteinase, Foreign body reaction, Giant cell formation, Phagocytosis, Interferon-gamma, Neutrophils

Down-regulation of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-3 Causes Prostate Cancer Cell Death through Activation of the Extrinsic and Intrinsic Apoptosis Pathways

Martin Puhr, Frédéric R Santer, Hannes Neuwirt, Martin Susani, Jeffrey A Nemeth, Alfred Hobisch, Lukas Kenner, Zoran Culig

Cancer Research (AACR Publications) Austria, USA, 08 September 2009


Key words: Prostate cancer suppressor of cytokine signaling apoptosis extrinsic and intrinsic pathways

Organizational Issues in Providing High-Quality Human Tissues and Clinical Information for the Support of Biomedical Research

Walter C Bell, Katherine C Sexton, William E Grizzle

Cancer Gene Profiling (Springer) USA, 06 August 2009


Key words: Human tissu, e Tissue banking, Tissue repository, Research infrastructure, IRB HIPAA

From virtual microscopy to systems pathology

Niels Grabe, Peter Schirmacher

Virchows Archiv (Springer) Germany, 04 August 2009


Vitamin D Analogs Differentially Control Antimicrobial Peptide/“Alarmin”Expression in Psoriasis

Mark Peric, Sarah Koglin, Yvonne Dombrowski, Katrin Groß, Eva Bradac, Amanda Büchau, Andreas Steinmeyer, Ulrich Zügel, Thomas Ruzicka, Jürgen Schauber

PLoS One (PLOS) Germany, 22 July 2009


Key words: Vitamin D, Keratinocytes, Psoriasis, Inflammation, ERK signaling cascade, Small interfering RNAs, Antimicrobials, Biopsy

Pathological State: Psoriasis

Novel mechanism of IGF-binding protein-3 action on prostate cancer cells: inhibition of proliferation, adhesion, and motility

Petra Massoner, Daniela Colleselli, Andrea Matscheski, Haymo Pircher, Stephan Geley, Pidder Jansen Dürr, Helmut Klocker

Endocrine-Related Cancer (Bioscientifica) Austria, 09 June 2009


Key words: Prostate cancer, insulin-like growth factor (IGF), western-blot analysis

Sphingosine kinase 2 deficient tumor xenografts show impaired growth and fail to polarize macrophages towards an anti-inflammatory phenotype

Andreas Weigert, Susanne Schiffmann, Divya Sekar, Stephanie Ley, Heidi Menrad, Christian Werno, Sabine Grosch, Gerd Geisslinger, Bernhard Brüne

International Journal of Cancer (Wiley) Germany, 28 May 2009


Key words: Cancer, angiogenesis, macrophages, sphingolipids, inflammation

Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS)-1 Is Expressed in Human Prostate Cancer and Exerts Growth-Inhibitory Function through Down-Regulation of Cyclins and Cyclin-Dependent Kinases

Hannes Neuwirt, Martin Puhr, Frédéric R Santer, Martin Susani, Wolfgang Doppler, Gemma Marcias, Veronika Rauch, Maria Brugger, Alfred Hobisch, Lukas Kenner, Zoran Culig

The American Journal of Pathology (Elsevier) Austria, 01 May 2009


Key words: Prostate cancer, gastric carcinoma, neck cancer, melanoma, chronic myleoid leukemia

Impaired Autolysosome Formation Correlates With Lamp-2 Depletion: Role of Apoptosis, Autophagy, and Necrosis in Pancreatitis

Franco Fortunato, Heinrich Bürgers, Frank Bergmann, Peter Rieger, Markus W Büchler, Guido Kroemer, Jens Werner

Gastroenterology (Elsevier) Germany, France, 09 April 2009


Organism: Rat

Tissue: Pancreas

Pathological State: Pancreatitis

Coexpression of the melatonin receptor 1 and nestin in human breast cancer specimens

O Rögelsperger, C Ekmekcioglu, W Jäger, M Klimpfinger, R Königsberg, D Krenbek, F Sellner, T Thalhammer

Journal of Pineal Research (Wiley) Austria, 30 March 2009


Key words: Breast cancer, MT1–nestin coexpression, immunofluorescence, quantification, TissueQuest

Organism: Human

Tissue: Breast

Pathological State: Cancer

Technical and Methodological Basics of Slide-Based Cytometry

Mittag A Bocsi J, Laffers W, Gerstner AOH

Cellular Diagnostics (Karger) Germany, 11 March 2009


Monocytes/macrophages in kidney allograft intimal arteritis: no association with markers of humoral rejection or with inferior outcome

Nicolas Kozakowski, Georg A Böhmig, Markus Exner, Afschin Soleiman, Nicole Huttary, Katalin Nagy-Bojarszky, Rupert C Ecker, Željko Kikic, Heinz Regele

Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (Oxford University Press) Austria, 17 February 2009

Transplantation Medicine

Key words: Intimal arteritis, kidney allograft, lymphocyte, macrophage, monocyte

Organism: Human

Tissue: Blood Vessels

Pathological State: Allogeneic Transplantation

Human Rhinovirus Type 2 Uncoating at the Plasma Membrane Is Not Affected by a pH Gradient but Is Affected by the Membrane Potential

Ursula Berka, Abdul Khan, Dieter Blaas, Renate Fuchs

Journal of Virology (American Society for Microbiology) Austria, 04 February 2009


Organism: Human

Pathological State: Human Rhinovirus Infection

Cell Line: HeLa cells

Epidermal growth factor receptor is involved in enterocyte anoikis through the dismantling of E-cadherin-mediated junctions

Verónica-Haydée Lugo-Martínez, Constance S Petit, Stéphane Fouquet, Johanne Le Beyec, Jean Chambaz, Martine Pinçon-Raymond, Philippe Cardot, Sophie Thenet

Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology (APS Journals) France, 01 February 2009


Key words: Intestinal epithelium

Organism: Mouse

Tissue: Small Intestine

Regulatory T cells are key cerebroprotective immunomodulators in acute experimental stroke

Arthur Liesz, Elisabeth Suri-Payer, Claudia Veltkamp, Henrike Doerr, Clemens Sommer, Serge Rivest, Thomas Giese and Roland Veltkamp

Nature Medicine (Nature) Germany, Canada, 25 January 2009

Immunology, Neuroscience

Organism: Mouse

Cell Line: Regulatory T cells, Lymphocytes, Granulocytes, Microglia

The role of nanoparticle size in hemocompatibility

Andrea Mayer, Maria Vadon, Beate Rinner, Alexandra Novak, Reinhold Wintersteigerc, Eleonore Fröhlich

Toxicology (Elsevier) Austria, 22 January 2009


Key words: Nanotoxicology, Human blood, In vitro test system, Polystyrene particles, Particle siz, Surface charge, Nanoparticles

Organism: Human

Cell Line: Whole Blood

The dark and the bright side of Stat3: proto-oncogene and tumor-suppressor

Andrea Ecker, Olivia Simma, Andrea Hoelbl, Lukas Kenner, Hartmut Beug, Richard Moriggl, Veronika Sexl

Frontiers in Bioscience (Frontiers Media S.A.) Austria, 01 January 2009


Organism: Mouse

Tissue: Lung, Salivary Gland, Liver, Kidney, Heart

Pathological State: Cancer

Expression of hemoglobin in rodent neurons

Dominik W Schelshorn, Armin Schneider, Wolfgang Kuschinsky, Daniela Weber, Carola Krüger, Tanjew Dittgen, Heinrich F Bürgers, Fatemeh Sabouri, Nikolaus Gassler, Alfred Bach, Martin H Maurer

Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism (SAGE Journals) Germany, 31 December 2008


Key words: erythropoietin, hemoglobin, hypoxia, mouse, neuron, rat

IL-17A Enhances Vitamin D3-Induced Expression of Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide in Human Keratinocytes

Mark Peric, Sarah Koglin, Song-Min Kim, Shin Morizane, Robert Besch, Jörg C Prinz, Thomas Ruzicka, Richard L Gallo and Jürgen Schauber

The Journal of Immunology (American Association of Immunologists) USA, Germany, 15 December 2008


Key words: Immunofluorescence

Experimental COPD induced by solid combustible burn smoke in rats: a study of the emphysematous changes of the pulmonary parenchyma

ED Murărescu, F Eloae-Zugun, MS Mihailovici

Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology () Romania, 25 November 2008


Key words: emphysema, rat experimental model, COPD in non-smokers.

Oncogenic Kit controls neoplastic mast cell growth through a Stat5/PI3-kinase signaling cascade

Noria Harir, Cédric Boudot, Katrin Friedbichler, Karoline Sonneck, Rudin Kondo, Séverine Martin-Lannerée, Lukas Kenner, Marc Kerenyi, Saliha Yahiaoui, Valérie Gouilleux-Gruart, Jean Gondry, Laurence Bénit, Isabelle Dusanter-Fourt, Kaïss Lassoued, Peter Valent, Richard Moriggl, Fabrice Gouilleux

Blood (American Society of Hematology) France, 15 September 2008


Key words: Mast cells, Sense and antisense oligonucleotides,

d-Asb11 is an essential mediator of canonical Delta–Notch signalling

Sander H Diks, Maria A Sartori da Silva, Jan-Luuk Hillebrands, Robert J Bink, Henri H Versteeg, Carina van Rooijen, Anke Brouwers, Ajay B Chitnis, Maikel P Peppelenbosch and Danica Zivkovic

Nature Cell Biology (Nature) The Netherlands, USA, 07 September 2008

Cell Biology

Key words: Cell Biology, d-Asb11, Delta–Notch signalling

Death receptor 5 mediated-apoptosis contributes to cholestatic liver disease

Kazuyoshi Takeda, Yuko Kojim, Kenichi Ikejim, Kenichi Harada, Shunhei Yamashina, Kyoko Okumur, Tomonori Aoyam, Steffen Fres, Hiroko Ieka, Nicole M Haynes, Erika Cretne, Hideo Yagita, Noriyoshi Sueyoshi, Nobuhiro Sato, Yasuni Nakanuma, Mark J Smyth, Ko Okumura

PNAS (PNAS) USA, 05 August 2008


Key words: Cholangitis primary, sclerosing cholangitis

Development of pulmonary fibrosis through a pathway involving the transcription factor Fra-2/AP-1

Robert Eferl, Peter Hasselblatt, Martina Rath, Helmut Popper, Rainer Zenz, Vukoslav Komnenovic, Maria-Helena Idarraga, Lukas Kenner, Erwin F Wagner

PNAS (PNAS) USA, 29 July 2008


Key words: Fra-2 transgenic mouse, idiopathic pulmonary, fibrosis, osteopontin, pulmonary arterial, hypertension fibrosis, mouse model

Apoptosis resistance in breast cancer stem cells through the regulation of Bcl2

Z Madjd, A Zare Mehrjerdi, A Sharifi, S Molanaei, S Zohoorian, M Asadi Lari

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 10 July 2008


Regulation of matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases by cobalt chloride-stimulated hypoxia in primary and metastatic breast cancer cells

WY Lee, F Ou-Yang, MF Hou, SF Yang, SC Huang

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 10 July 2008


Biodistribution and kinetics of the novel selective oncolytic adenovirus M1 after systemic administration

X Huang, L Zhuang, Y Cao, Q Gao, Z Han, D Tang, H Xing, J Zhou, D Ma

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) , 10 July 2008


Melatonin Receptor (MT1) and Nestin Coexpression: an indicator of more advanced breast cancer?

O Rögelsperger, C Ekmekcioglu, M Svoboda, R Königsberg, M Klimpfinger, W Jäger, T Thalhammer

European Journal of Cancer (Elsevier) Austria, 10 July 2008


Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) in the prostate and in prostate cancer: Local production, distribution and secretion pattern indicate a role in stromal-epithelial interaction

Petra Massoner, Petra Haag, Christof Seifarth, Andreas Jurgeit, Hermann Rogatsch, Wolfgang Doppler, Georg Bartsch, Helmut Klocker

The Prostate (Wiley) Austria, 05 May 2008


Key words: IGFBP-3, prostate cancer, stromal-epithelial interaction, expression, secretion

A standards based ontological approach to information handling for use by organizations providing human tissue for research

Mary E Edgerton, Carl Morrison, Virginia A LiVolsi, Christopher A Moskaluk, Stephen J Qualman, M Kay Washington, William E Grizzle

Cancer Informatics (SAGE Journals) USA, 10 April 2008

Biological Methods

Acute anoxia stimulates proliferation in adult neural stem cells from the rat brain

Heinrich F Bürgers, Dominik W Schelshorn, Wolfgang Wagner, Wolfgang Kuschinsky, Martin H Maurer

Experimental Brain Research (Springer) Germany, 11 March 2008


Key words: Stem cell marker, arythroid progenitor, ogd group, neural stem cell

Lithium Promotes Adult Neural Progenitor Differentiation Via GSK3ß-Dependent Signaling Pathways

Heinrich F Bürgers, Dominik W Schelshorn, Wolfgang Kuschinsky and Martin H Maurer

The Open Enzyme Inhibition Journal () Germany, 02 January 2008

Cell Biology

Key words: Adult neural progenitor cell, Lithium, Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, Rat.

Protein expression differs between neural progenitor cells from the adult rat brain subventricular zone and olfactory bulb

Martin H Maurer, Robert E Feldmann Jr, Heinrich F Bürgers, Wolfgang Kuschinsky

BMC Neuroscience (Springer) Germany, 01 January 2008


Key words: Neural progenitor cells, neuroblasts, GFAP-positive cells

Transplantation of adult neural progenitor cells transfected with vascular endothelial growth factor rescues grafted cells in the rat brain

Martin H Maurer, Christine Thomas, Heinrich F Bürgers, and Wolfgang Kuschinsky

International Journal of Biological Sciences (NCBI) Germany, 03 December 2007

Stem Cell Research

Key words: neural progenitor cell, neurosphere, transplantation, BrdU, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, VEGF.

Automated recognition of cell phenotypes in histology images based on membrane- and nuclei-targeting biomarkers

Bilge Karaçali, Alexandra P Vamvakidou, Aydin Tözeren

BMC Medical Imaging (Springer) USA, 07 September 2007

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Histology, biomarkers

Chronische Inflammation als Promotor-und Behandlungstarget bei benigner Prostatahyperplasie (BPH) und beim Prostatakarzinom

G Kramer, D Mitteregger, A Maj-Hes, S Sevchenco, W Brozek

Der Urologe (Springer) Austria, 02 August 2007


Induction of Autophagy Does Not Affect Human Rhinovirus Type 2 Production

Marianne Brabec-Zaruba, Ursula Berka, Dieter Blaas, Renate Fuchs

Journal of Virology (American Society for Microbiology) Austria, 01 August 2007


Key words: Rhynovirus

Interactive Atlas of Histology: A Tool for Self-Directed Learning, Practice, and Self-Assessment

EZ Goubran, SP Vinjamury

Journal of Chiropractic Education () , 01 April 2007

Key words: atlases [publication type], chiropractic, education, histology, technology

Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) an Immune Inflammatory Disease?

Gero Kramer, Dieter Mitteregger, Michael Marberger

European Urology (Elsevier) Austria, 11 December 2006


Key words: Autoimmunity, Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Chronic inflammation, Cytokines, Immune response, Infection

Pathological State: Prostatic Hyperplasia

Glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β) regulates differentiation and proliferation in neural stem cells from the rat subventricular zone

MH Maurer, JO Brömme, RE Feldmann, A Järve, F Sabouri, HF Bürgers, DW Schelshorn, C Krüger, A Schneider, W Kuschinsky

Journal of Proteome Research (ACS Publications) Germany, 03 November 2006

Cell Biology

Key words: Neural stem cell • Neurosphere • Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3â • Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis • Rat • Subventricular zone

Microbubble-enhanced ultrasound to deliver an antisense oligodeoxynucleotide targeting the human androgen receptor into prostate tumours

Petra Haaga, Ferdinand Frauscherb, Johann Gradlb, Alexander Seitzb, Georg Schäferc, Jonathan R Lindnerd, Alexander L Klibanove, Georg Bartscha, Helmut Klockera, Iris E Eder

The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Elsevier) Austria, USA, 20 October 2006


Key words: Antisense oligonucleotides, Androgen receptor, Microbubbles, Ultrasound, Prostate cancer


K Tieman, L Stanbridge, H Rippon, N Maitland

European Urology (Elsevier) , 16 September 2006


Key words: Tumor, prostate


V Berge, H Ramberg, T Eide, A Svindland, KA Taskén

European Urology (Elsevier) , 16 September 2006



K Pfeil, C Seifarth, G Schäfer, G Steiner, R Rogojanu, G Gaillard, C Nowak, H Klocker

European Urology (Elsevier) , 16 September 2006



P Wikström, N Ohlson, A Bergh, P Stattin

European Urology (Elsevier) , 16 September 2006


Key words: Prostate cancer

3D parallel coordinate systems--a new data visualization method in the context of microscopy-based multicolor tissue cytometry

Streit M, Ecker RC, Osterreicher K, Steiner GE, Bischof H, Bangert C, Kopp T, Rogojanu R

Journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (Wiley) Austria, 05 May 2006


Key words: Polychromatic cells, automated microscopy-based multicolor tissue cytometry

An improved method for discrimination of cell populations in tissue sections using microscopy-based multicolor tissue cytometry

Ecker RC, Rogojanu R, Streit M, Oesterreicher K, Steiner GE

Journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (Wiley) Austria, 14 February 2006


Key words: Tissue citometry,

Fast Automatic Segmentation of Nuclei in Microscopy Images of Tissue Sections

Laurain V, Ramoser H, Nowak C, Steiner GE, Ecker R

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEEXplore) Austria, 18 January 2006

Medical Image Analysis

Key words: Nuclei, microscopy images, segmentation

Leukocyte segmentation and classification in blood-smear images

Ramoser H, Adv Comput Vision GmbH, Wien, Laurain V, Bischof H, Ecker R

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEEXplore) Austria, 18 January 2006


Systems biology and clinical cytomics: The 10th Leipziger workshop and the 3rd international workshop on slide-based cytometry

Attila Tárnok, Günther K Valet, Frank Emmrich

Cytometry Part A (Wiley) Germany, 20 December 2005


Key words: Predictive medicine, cytomics, biocomplexity, laser scanning cytometry, scanning fluorescence microscopy

Cell Proliferation Volume 38, Issue 4, pages 204–214, August 2005

Cell Proliferation (Wiley) Germany, 11 August 2005


Cell Proliferation Volume 38, Issue 4, pages 177–203, August 2005

Cell Proliferation (Wiley) Poland, 11 August 2005


Welcome to the 15th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Cytometry, DGfZ

Cell Proliferation (Wiley) Germany, 11 August 2005


Pimecrolimus leads to an apoptosis-induced depletion of T cells but not Langerhans cells in patients with atopic dermatitis

Wolfram Hoetzenecker, Rupert Ecker, Tamara Kopp, Anton Stuetz, Georg Stingl, Adelheid Elbe-Bürger

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Elsevier) Austria, 06 April 2005

Allergy Research

Key words: Atopic dermatitis, Langerhans cells, T cells, apoptosis, corticosteroids, pimecrolimus

Cytomics goes 3D: toward tissomics

Ecker RC, Tarnok A

Cytometry Part A (Wiley) Austria, 24 March 2005


Regenerative and predictive medicine of cardiovascular disease: The 9th Leipziger workshop and the 2nd international workshop on slide based cytometry

Dominik Lenz, Markus J Barten, Sabine Hiller, Attila Tárnok, Ulrich Sack

Cytometry Part A (Wiley) Germany, 24 February 2005


Key words: Predictive medicine, regenerative medicine, stem cells, cytomics, laser scanning cytometry

Autocrine IL-10 partially prevents differentiation of neonatal dendritic epidermal leukocytes into Langerhans cells

Souyet Chang-Rodriguez, Rupert Ecker, Georg Stingl, Adelheid Elbe-Bürger

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (JLB) Austria, 14 June 2004


Key words: Antigen presentation/processing cytokines, cytokine receptors, dendritic cells skin

Microscopy-based multicolor tissue cytometry at the single-cell level

Rupert C Ecker, Georg E Steiner

Cytometry Part A (Wiley) Austria, 17 May 2004


Key words: Cytomics, tissue cytometry, multicolor staining, quantitative histology, pattern recognition

Application of spectral imaging microscopy in cytomics and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) analysis.

Ecker RC, de Martin R, Steiner GE, Schmid JA

Journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (Wiley) Austria, 17 May 2004


Decreased hippocampal mineralocorticoid:glucocorticoid receptor ratio is associated with low birth weight in female cynomolgus macaque neonates

Shirlene X Ong, Keefe Chng, Michael J Meaney, Jan P Buschdorf

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology (Society for Endocrinology) Austria, 16 April 2004

Reproductive Medicine

Key words: Glucocorticoid receptor cynomolgus macaque low birth weight MR:GR ratio

Inhibition of restenosis by tissue factor pathway inhibitor: in vivo and in vitro evidence for suppressed monocyte chemoattraction and reduced gelatinolytic activity

Christoph W Kopp, Thomas Hölzenbein, Sabine Steiner, Rodrig Marculescu, Helga Bergmeister, Daniela Seidinger, Isabella Mosberger, Christoph Kaun, Manfred Cejna, Reinhard Horvat, Johann Wojta, Gerald Maurer, Bernd R Binder, Johannes M Breuss, Rupert C Ecker, Rainer de Martin, and Erich Minar

Blood (American Society of Hematology) Austria, 01 March 2004


Key words: VSMC proliferation and migration, vascular restenosis

Using web-based animations to teach histology

Marc AS Brisbourne, Susan S-L Chin, Erica Melnyk, David A Begg

The Anatomical Record (Wiley) Austria, 28 February 2002


Key words: Animation, computer-assisted learning, CAL, histology, Internet, education, medical, mental modeling, microscopy

Automated data acquisition by confocal laser scanning microscopy and image analysis of triple stained immunofluorescent leukocytes in tissue

Georg Erich Steiner, Rupert Christian Ecker, Gero Kramer, Felix Stockenhuber, Michael Johann Marberger

Journal of Immunological Methods (Elsevier) Austria, 17 March 2000

Medical Image Analysis

Detection of Epstein-Barr Virus in Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg Cells: No Evidence for the Persistence of Integrated Viral Fragments in Latent Membrane Protein-1 (LMP-1)-Negative Classical Hodgkin's Disease

Andrea Staratschek-Jox, Sascha Kotkowski, Gazanfer Belge, Thomas Rüdiger, Jörn Bullerdiek, Volker Diehl, Jürgen Wolf

The American Journal of Pathology (Elsevier) Germany, 10 January 2000


Key words: Hodgkin's disease, EBV genome, in situ hybridization


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