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    21. September 2021

    White Paper - Redefine the Transcriptional and Epigenetic Signature of Tissue-Associated Regulatory T Cells

    Recently Delacher and colleagues were able to redefine the transcriptional and epigenetic signature of tissue-associated regulatory T cells (Treg) in mice and humans (Delacher et al. 2021). They could demonstrate, that Treg

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  • 20

    20. September 2021

    Suite 7.1 of Image Cytometry Software

    The next iteration of the TissueFAXS suite (7.1) has arrived. Discover all the new optimizations in TissueFAXS imaging software and exciting new AI features in  StrataQuest , TissueQuest , and  HistoQuest.

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  • 15

    15. September 2021

    Editorial - Automation in Multiplexing

    Alex Barang, responsible for International Sales & Business Development at TissueGnostics, contributed recently to an Biocompare editorial about 'Automation in Multiplexing'. 

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  • 09

    09. September 2021

    Webinar - Imaging & Quantifying Immune Cell Infiltration in Murine Models of Liver Failure

    Dr. Gregory CG Hugenholtz, Deptartment of Surgery, University Medical Center Groningen, talks about "TAFI deficiency promotes liver damage in murine models of liver failure through defective down-regulation of hepatic inflammation". TissueGnostics brightfield

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  • 07

    07. September 2021

    High-Speed Multispectral Imaging: TissueFAXS CHROMA

    TissueGnostics is proud to announce a new member of the TissueFAXS series, the TissueFAXS CHROMA. This system specializes in automated multispectral fluorescence whole slide scanning for up to 7 markers at a time. This cost-effective high-speed slide scanner reaches its

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    15. July 2021

    What is Whole Slide Confocal Imaging?

    Whole slide imaging, sometimes known as virtual microscopy or digital pathology, involves the scanning of a tissue section on a slide to create a digital reconstruction of the entire tissue section by stitching the single fields of view together.

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  • 06

    06. July 2021

    White Paper - Evaluating the Nature of Immune Responses to Implanted Polypropylene Mesh

    Surgical mesh is used in a range of tissue repair procedures to stabilize and strengthen soft tissue defects or to support prolapsed organs and viscera. One of their most common applications is hernia

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    01. July 2021

    Webinar - The spatial dynamics of the TIME

    Dr. Kim RM Blenman, Yale School of Medicine, USA, presents ’The spatial dynamics of the human tumor immune microenvironment (TIME)' at the EACR Congress 2021 (TissueGnostics sponsored Industry Symposium).

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    04. June 2021

    AI in Tissue Cytometry

    Alex Barang and Felicitas Mungenast (TissueGnostics) wrote an article for euroLab magazine about tissue cytometry in the scope of precision medicine. Futher they focused on how AI can enhance tissue cytometry and how tissue cytometry can enrich your reserach. 

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  • 25

    25. May 2021

    Webinar - Tissue Cytometry assisted Metabolic Imaging in Skin

    Prof. Florian Gruber and Christopher Kremslehner, MSc from Medical University of Vienna introduce their newly developed Metabolic Imaging strategy published in the journal Redox Biology. TissueFAXS i PLUS and StrataQuest are integrated into the presented Metabolic Imaging

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    20. May 2021

    Tissue Cytometry Vs. Flow Cytometry: What's the Difference?

    Cytometric methods are used by biomolecular researchers looking for insights into cell size, count, cycle, and morphology. They are also used to measure key cellular constituents (i.e. DNA content). The broad goal of cytometry is to obtain

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  • 18

    18. May 2021

    CALL FOR PAPERS – Frontiers in Medicine

    Dr. Rupert Ecker, CEO, and Felicitas Mungenast, Product Specialist at TissueGnostics, are privileged to edit a Special Issue ‘ Current Advances in Precision Microscopy’ of the journal Frontiers in Medicine together with Prof. Jyotsna Batra and Dr. Quan Nguyen.

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  •  MAY

    04. May 2021

    Machine Learning Tissue Classifier from TissueGnostics

    Healthcare systems stand to gain much from the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Currently, these cutting-edge technologies are deployed in medical applications in a fairly limited way; usually to complement the abilities of healthcare and surgical

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  •  APR

    14. April 2021

    Immunophenotyping of Tissues Using Digital Techniques

    What is Immunophenotyping?
    Immunophenotyping refers to the identification of specific phenotypic cells using markers or antigens which are present on the cell’s surface, cytoplasm, or within the nucleus. It aids the classification of cell lineage using antibodies targeting specific

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  •  MAR

    18. March 2021

    Next-Generation Image Analysis Software for Digital Pathology

    What is Digital Pathology?
    Digital pathology refers to the acquisition, management, sharing, and interpretation of information relating to pathology, such as data and slides, in a digital medium. Glass slides are captured with a scanning device to create

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  • MAR

    03. March 2021

    Webinar - In-situ Immunophenotyping in graft-versus host disease

    Dr. Johanna Strobl, PhD, from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, talks about her recently published study addressing host-derived skin-resident memory T cells as potential players in human graft versus host disease.

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  •  FEB

    25. February 2021

    A Brief Introduction to Automated Tissue Classification

    What is Tissue Classification?
    Tissues are groups of cells in close proximity to one another which are organized to carry out one or more specific functions. There are four tissue classifications which are characterized by their morphology and

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  • JAN

    20. January 2021

    EACR - new partner of TissueGnostics

    We are proud to announce that TissueGnostics is now an industry partner of the European Assciation for Cancer Research (EACR). 

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  • NOV

    17. November 2020

    Joint Webinar - De Novo Software and TissueGnostics

    Advancing Tissue Cytometry from Image to Results with TissueGnostics and FCS Express - TissueGnostics and De Novo Software started to collaborate by combining expertise in Image Cytometry. 

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  • AUG

    08. August 2020

    Webinar - Practical approaches for using tissue cytometry for clinical and research applications

    In this webinar Dr. Kim RM Blenman, Yale School of Medicine, USA, presents her integration of TissueGnostics’ tissue cytometers and the contextual image cytometry software StrataQuest in a unique in-silico multiplexing workflow.

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