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TissueFAXS Q & SL Q
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TissueFAXS Q & SL Q Systems
Confocal Tissue Cytometer

TissueFAXS Q & SL Q Systems provide the benefits of both high-throughput of slides and laser-free fast confocal imaging. All TissueFAXS Fluo or PLUS system configurations, irrespective of whether they are upright or inverted, are also available as TissueFAXS Q configurations.

STissueFAXS Q systems are also available in scan only configurations.


TissueFAXS Q

  • Whole slide confocal imaging
  • High-speed and high-resolution confocal imaging
  • LED-based technology
  • Multi-channel fluorescence & brightfield imaging
  • Inverted or upright
  • Upgrade SL Q: high-thoughput scanning - up to 120 slides 
  • Slide ID Scanner
  • Quantitative image analysis option
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TissueFAXS Q system comes in an upright, inverted, PLUS and slide loader (SL) configuration. The most advanced TissueFAXS Q system is the TissueFAXS SL Q+.

The TissueFAXS SL Q+ combines TG´s versatile Spinning Disc Confocal Kit with TissueFAXS SL autoloader capabilities and with TissueQuest/HistoQuest and/or StrataQuest image analysis software. 

TissueFAXS Q+ systems also provide all other scanning modes (i.e. brightfield and epifluorescence) of a non-confocal TissueFAXS system.

All epifluorescence TissueFAXS systems (upright and inverse) can be upgraded to TissueFAXS Q configuration at any time.

    TissueFAXS Q long

TissueFAXS Q

TissueFAXS Q 

The TissueFAXS SL Q performance can scan a complete slice of mouse brain with a size of 73.3 mm 2  with four channels and a 13 step Z-stack in 1.5 hours with 20x magnification (see image on the right). This is possible through the interplay of the components of the TissueFAXS SL Q.


TissueFAXS Q Spinning Disk unit

The Spinning Disc Unit of the TissueFAXS Q is a versatile, high tech, yet affordable Spinning Disc Device. The unit is mounted on the front port of the systems quadrocular phototube and supported externally for stability. It features:

  • Widefield (with fast disk out motorized function) or Confocal (single or double pattern) Double Pinhole Pattern Spinning Disk mode, on the same physical disk
  • Single Pinhole Pattern Spinning Disk for large Field of View Motorized Dichroic Five positions Filter Wheel
  • Standard Eight positions Motorized Emission Wheel
  • Plug-in spinning disk
  • Fast spinning disk 15,000 RPM disk rotation speed
  • Extraction tools for easy insertion and removal of both dichroic filter and emission filter
  • Detector focal plane easy focusing without moving the detector


TissueFAXS Q System cameras and light sources

The standard camera used on the TissueFAXS Q is a superior alternative (speed, quality) to the standard TissueFAXS Fluo camera. 

The light engines are used for high power fluorescence illumination. These illumination systems combine very high output, necessary for confocality, with very short switching times (<10 ns rise and fall times between bands). Highly intense and constant white light is provided by an VIS-LED with high 25,000 hours of illuminant life.







The TissueFAXS SL Q is a highly flexible scanning platform, capable of scanning up to 120 slides at a time in brightfield, widefield fluorescence, and confocal fluorescence.

TissueFAXS Q delivers automated whole slide confocal imaging using a confocal spinning disk, paired with a high power LED light engine and the TissueFAXS automated scanning workflow. All TissueFAXS FL or PLUS systems, irrespective of whether they are upright or inverted, are also available in TissueFAXS Q configuration.

Upright configurations of the TissueFAXS Q can be upgraded with a 120 slide loader for high-throughput whole slide confocal imaging. Multiple types of projects - whether they are to be scanned in widefield fluorescence, or confocal fluorescence - can be easily color coded in the slide manager and scanned automatically with customizable scanning templates.



Upright (Q+) or inverted (iQ+), Modular (Microscope, Cameras, Light-source, PC with 2 Monitors)

Microscopy mode

Confocal fluorescence, widefield fluorescence, (brightfield scanning - Q+ configuration)

Compatible Slide Formats

All standard and over-sized slides

Slide Capacity

8 (standard configuration) or 120 (slide loader configuration)


Up to 7 Objectives (2.5-100x)




Monochrome: sCMOS camera (16-bit, 2048x2048, monochrome)
Color: CMOS camera (Q+ configuration)

Light Source

Solid-state light engine

Tissue Microarray (TMA)


Image Analysis Software

contextual image analysis - StrataQuest, StrataQuest Apps
single cell analysis - TissueQuest and HistoQuest

Supported Image Formats



TissueFAXS Viewer: Integrated, stand-alone freeware


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