10.2021 - Characterization of the foreign body reaction to polypropylene surgical meshes

Dr. Axel Dievernich (RWTH Aachen) presents the results of his recently published paper. It addresses the characterization of the adaptive and innate immune cells involved in foreign human body reaction.

07.2021 - The spatial dynamics of the human tumor immune microenvironment (TIME)

In this webinar Dr. Kim RM Blenman, Yale School of Medicine, USA, is focusing on the characterization of spatial dynamics of TIME components through machine learning and deep neural networks for high content phenotyping (EACR Congress, June 2021).

03.2021 - In-situ Immunophenotyping in graft-versus host disease

Dr. Johanna Strobl, PhD, from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria talks about her recently published study addressing host-derived skin-resident memory T cells as potential players in human graft versus host disease.

11.2020 - Advancing Tissue Cytometry - From Image to results

TG and De Novo Software started to collaborate by combining expertise in Image Cytometry. This webinar will teach researchers about the new streamlined workflow that enables scientists to quickly obtain publication-ready results from IF/IHC tissue sections.

09.2020 - TissueFAXS Cytometry - Enabeling Precision Medicine

Dr. Rupert Ecker, CEO of TissueGnostics, presents the TissueFAXS cytometry platform. TissueGnostics is a solution provider for Precision Medicine / Next-Generation Digital Pathology and produces fully integrated cutting-edge tissue cytometers.

09.2021 - Imaging & Quantifying Immune Cell Infiltration in Murine Models of Liver Failure

Dr. Gregory CG Hugenholtz, Department of Surgery, University Medical Center Groningen, presents "TAFI deficiency promotes liver damage in murine models of liver failure through defective down-regulation of hepatic inflammation". 

05.2021 - Automated Imaging of Metabolic Enzyme Activity in the Skin

Prof. Florian Gruber and Christopher Kremslehner, MSc from Medical University of Vienna, Austria introduce their newly developed Metabolic Imaging strategy published in the journal Redox Biology. 

11.2020 - Tissue Cytometry with AI – Immunophenotyping and Quantifying the TME in-situ

CANCER RESEARCH UK (CRUK) - CAMBRIDGE CENTRE invited our CEO Rupert Ecker, TissueGnostics to give a talk about "Contextual Tissue Cytometry with AI - Immunophenotyping and Quantifying the Tumour Microenvironment".

10.2020 - Quantitative Tissue Cytometry - Immunophenotyping and AI-based Histomorphometry

At the Image Analysis Training School 2020, Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node, Dr Rupert Ecker presents the power of TissueGnostics' in situ Immunophenotyping and AI-based Histomorphometry analysis solutions.

08.2020 - Practical approaches for using tissue cytometry for clinical and research applications

In this webinar Dr. Kim RM Blenman, Yale School of Medicine, USA, presents her integration of TissueGnostics’ tissue cytometers and the contextual image cytometry software StrataQuest in a unique in-silico multiplexing workflow.


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