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StrataFAXS II 
Streamlined Tissue Cytometry

StrataFAXS II is an upright brightfield slide scanner for acquisition and analysis of HE/IHC processed tissue sections, smears and Tissue Microarrays (TMA). StrataFAXS II with its innovative workflow allows you to directly work on your samples via real-time scanning and live stitching. The system is equipped with HistoQuest single cell analysis software and/or StrataQuest contextual image cytometry software which includes a machine learning module for automated classification of histological entities (e.g. tumor foci, epidermis, glands, glomeruli) and a deep neural network for precise nuclear segmentation even at high cellular densities and low expression levels.


  • Instantly navigate across slides with real-time scanning
  • Live stitching
  • Brightfield mode
  • 2 slide scanning
  • Live view and annotate samples
  • Quantitative image analysis solutions (StrataQuest, HistoQuest)
  • Easy-to-use design and easy-to-clean horizontal stage

StrataFAXS II - Whole slide imaging 

 StrataFAXS II MouseEmbryo1


StrataFAXS II MouseEmbryo2

TissueFAXS SL technology


Navigate through your samples with a large field of view in real-time with the unique Instant Scan mode. Seamlessly zoom in and out of the areas of interest with live stitching, that makes objective changes unnecessary. For documentation or later usage, you can easily create partial or whole slide scans with the intuitive user interface. Depending on the scan parameters you will have a 15x15 mm scan in 2 min. You can decide which objective magnification you need, StrataFAXS II supports everything from 20x to 60x to create scans in very high quality. The StrataFAXS II is a truly digital device with fully automated Z-axis and XY stage, which enables you to work remotely and have full control over the scanner. The horizontal and robust stage design allows for easy cleaning and can handle various slide dimensions (standard and double-sized slides).

StrataFAXS II - Analysis

Use TissueGnostics' analysis soltuion StrataQuest with the integrated machine learning-based Classifier to automatically segment the tissue section into different tissue entities. 

StrataFAXS II Ratjoint Classifier Part1 1000StrataFAXS II Ratjoint Classifier Part2 1000  


Special features

three operating modes: Instant Scan, Live, and Slide Scan


Compact scanner, integrated brightfield camera and light-source, PC with 2 Monitors

Scanner stand


Scanning mode

Brightfield scanning

Compatible slide formats

Standard and double-sized slides

Slide capacity

2 (1 double-sized)

Supported objectives

20x, 40x, 60x air

Light source

White light LED

Image Analysis Software

StrataQuest (contextual tissue cytometry), StrataQuest brightfield APPsHistoQuest (singel-cell analysis)


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