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TissueGnostics is a solution provider for Precision Medicine / Next-Generation Digital Pathology and provides fully integrated cutting-edge tissue cytometers. Our instruments are available in multiple configurations for brightfield, fluorescence, multispectral, confocal as well as high-throughput scanning & whole slide imaging (WSI) to contextual tissue cytometry & quantitative pathology. Our Tissue Cytometers support all kind of applications in human, animal and plant tissues including: 

  • Immunophenotyping – determine the immune status of organs/tissues in-situ (tumor biology, autoimmune disorders, allergies, transplantation immunology, etc.)
  • Tumor- & Cellular- Microenvironment – perform phenotypic and functional characterization of cellular sub-populations in spatial context
  • Identification of single cells even in dense tissue (e.g. lymphatic organs) through Deep Learning algorithms
  • Automated classification of tissue structures by Machine Learning into any number of classes per sample
  • Multiplexing and spectral unmixing to perform high-plex assays on histological sections with single-cell precision
  • Structural analysis and determination of subcellular marker localization
  • Molecular single-cell profiling using antibody labeling, FISH, CISH, RNA-ISH, RNAScope, expansion microscopy – virtually any staining technique that can be visualized by optical microscopy
  • Quantification of cellular pathogens, including intracellular parasites (e.g. leishmania) and viral load (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, HIV, Zika, Dengue, Hepatitis, HSV, Chikungunya)
  • Panoramic imaging and quantitative histopathology of whole slide biopsies, TMAs and even big tissue sections on over-sized slides

The goal of TissueGnostics is to bring the same type of phenotypical and functional analysis as known from flow cytometry (FACS) into tissue context, but on the level of single cells. For more infomation about TissueGnostics and Precision Medicine, please follow the link to the dossier "FIGHT CANCER! The age of precision medicine has dawned".

TissueGnostics has been founded in 2003 and is now a globally active Austrian company with subsidiaries in the EU, the USA and China and customers on all continents.


TissueFAXSChroma Homepage

New: TissueFAXS CHROMA for High-Speed Multispectral Imaging


TissueGnostics is proud to announce a new member of the TissueFAXS series, the TissueFAXS CHROMA. This system specializes in automated multispectral fluorescence whole slide scanning for up to 7 markers at a time. This cost-effective high-speed slide scanner reaches its full potential when combined with TG’s single cell and contextual image analysis solutions.

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TissueGnostics (TG) provides streamlined solutions for both biomedical imaging and image analysis. The goal of TG is to bring the same type of phenotypical analysis of single cells from Flow Cytometry into tissue context. The merging of image analysis software and high-quality optics and robotics has allowed TG to create the TissueFAXS system - a fully automated system which can scan slides/well plates and automatically quantify marker expression per cell. Going a step beyond that is StrataQuest - a software development platform for creating complex image analysis algorithms that can automatically detect multicellular structures within scanned tissue sections for a highly detailed contextual tissue analysis.

The imaging systems are modular and upgradable. Every system can be customized to offer the following capabilities: brightfield scanning, widefield fluorescence, confocal, and multispectral. Every system can come either in an upright configuration for scanning slides only, or inverted for scanning well plates and slides. Each TissueFAXS system comes with either an 8-slide stage, or a high-throughput automatic 120 slide loading system only available for the upright TissueFAXS system configuration. TissueFAXS systems can come with high powered LED light engines combined with multi bandpass filter cubes for high speed fluorescence scanning.

Image analysis software comes in 3 forms: TissueQuest for fluorescence image analysis, HistoQuest for brightfield image analysis, and StrataQuest for multicellular contextual tissue analysis for both brightfield and fluorescence images. TissueQuest and HistoQuest are streamlined for rapidly acquiring nuclear segmentation and marker quantification per cell. StrataQuest offers much more in terms of image analysis and is therefore more complex, which is why TissueGnostics offers the development of customized algorithms as a service to researchers. Every StrataQuest solution (or APP) includes a simplified user interface that is made by the underlying algorithm, and contains macros so that even researchers with little or no experience in image analysis can obtain high quality data from analysing their scanned images.

TG provides image analysis solutions for a multitude of research questions. The image analysis software StrataQuest, HistoQuest and TissueQuest (for brightfield and fluorenscence projects) can be applied e.g. to explore the tumor microenvironment and/or the spatial organization of cellular subpopulations, to detect and quantify fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), to assess different bone structures, or to analyze multiplex IF stainings. Please find additional applications in the sections: App center and user examples in StrataQuest APP analysis examples.

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