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Happy 2023! We hope you all had a nice festive period and are enjoying the beginning of the new year so far.

For TissueGnostics, 2023 is an especially exciting year as we will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary. While we have a lot of interesting up-and-coming plans to announce for our big birthday year, we also have many important milestones to look back on and remember. 

The Founding
  • 2003 marks the founding year of TissueGnostics
  • This was made possible through the efforts of our founders Georg Steiner and Dr. Rupert Ecker, and our development partners, Medical University Vienna,University Vienna and Kplus Competence Centre for BioMolecular Therapeutics.
Software Development Begins
  • The transformation of TissueQuest from academic prototype to commercial version commences
  • TG was a “Life Science Call 2004” and “Austria Business Service Start-up Grant” winner for the development of a tissue cytometer for biomedical applications
Say Hello to TG Romania
  • With the foundation of TG Romania TG’s R&D Team makes a “giant leap” in size and professionalism
  • Closing with an “Austrian Venture Capital Fund” initiates substantial growth and pushes TG out of the start-up phase
Introducing the World’s First Tissue Cytometer: TissueFAXS
  • With TissueFAXS 1.0, the first tissue cytometer offering a flow cytometry-like workflow applicable to tissue sections, TG becomes a trendsetter in the Life Science market
  • Collaboration with the Urology Department, University of Innsbruck: “GENAU-Project - ProCAP Prostate Cancer Proteomics”
TG Makes its Way to the USA
  • With the foundation of TG USA and the launch of our product HistoFAXS
  • EU-Project work in collaboration with the Clinical Center, University of Cologne: “CRYSTAL: Cryobanking of stem cells for human therapeutic applications”
TG’s Collaborative Network Expands
  • TG became an industry partner to the newly founded Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research in Vienna, Austria
  • FFG funded Bridge Project in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Isabella Ellinger, Medical University of Vienna: “Automated cell recognition technology for research and diagnosis”
  • With the first distributorship agreement in Japan, TG’s global distribution network began to form
  • ISO 13485 certificate
TG in the Spotlight
  • 2nd prize from ZIT Call (patient in focus): “Method for validated quantitative analysis of biomarkers in breast carcinoma”
  • Comet K1 program alongside the University Clinic for Urology, Innsbruck: “ONCOTYROL, Centre for personalized medicine: Prostate Biobank - New markers selection for treatment”
TG evolves into a Global Leader
  • With active sales and a distribution network in more than 30 countries worldwide!
A Year for Awards
  • “Science2Bussines” award recipient in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Isabella Ellinger, Medical University of Vienna
  • ZIT Call-Innovation project: “Development and validation of an automatic analyzer for body fluids and peripheral blood”
TG joins EU-funded Innovative Training Network
TissueFAXS´ Exciting Upgrades
  • By introducing the innovative tissue cytometry software StrataQuest, which added a whole new dimension of image analysis, including spatial immunophenotyping, tissue classification, and contextual tissue cytometry features to the TissueFAXS platform, TG is an early trailblazer for the upcoming spatial biology megatrend
  • Austrian national grants support the expansion of TG’s unique technology platform with new hardware (e.g. slide loader) and novel software features (e.g. “tissue sociology”)
More EU Projects, More Fun
TG on the Global Stage
  • With the start of our marketing and sales activities in South America
  • TG China Division turns into a relevant player
  • 4th Marie Skłodowska‐Curie European Training Network: “Calcium Sensing Receptor (CaSR): Biomedicine” 
Celebrating More Firsts
  • 1st place in the “Image Analysis” category in the International Scanner Contest at the European Congress on Digital Pathology
  • TG launches its first confocal system configuration, TissueFAXS Q, using the Crest Optics X-Light V2 Spinning Disc Confocal Imager
  • Implementation of a custom machine learning module in StrataQuest
  • Expansion into South-East Asia, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East/Gulf!
Focus on Asia-Pacific
  • the foundation of TG Asia-Pacific Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taipei, quickly turned into a “growth hot spot”
Precision Medicine & Big Data
A Colourful Year
Virtual Life – Real Excellence – Terrific Sucess
  • With its Global Alliance against "Pandemic Virus Threats" campaign, TG offers free licenses of its award-winning image Cytometry software to the global biomedical research community to support the fight against COVID-19.
  • TG expands its presence in the world of social media. Come over and say `Hi´ or check out what we are doing on the socials of your choice, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!
  • Breakthrough Covid-19 research gets published empowered by TG´s TissueFAXS platform
  • Launch of extended AI-based solutions (deep learning-based nuclei segmentation and machine learning-based tissue classifier) with the 7th generation of our award-winning analysis software StrataQuest 7.0
TG Goes Down Under
  • With the founding of our Australian Division
  • REDI Industry Fellowship Program in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology: “Development of a novel in situ tool for prostate cancer precision diagnostics”
  • StrataFAXS II, an entry-level brightfield slide scanner, and TissueFAXS Suite 7.1 were released
Excellence in Research & Partnerships creates the foundation for continued success
  • TG s tissue cytometry solutions utilized in over 2200 scientific publications worldwide
  • TissueFAXS CHROMA was released and immediately put to the test to identify potential targets for therapies against colorectal liver metastases
  • COMET K1 Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Program: “microONE – Microplastic Particles: a Hazard for Human Health?
  • TG became a founding sponsor of the African Microscopy Initiative (AMI) Imaging Centre at University of Cape Town, South Africa, and installed a TissueFAXS SL 
  • Continued global expansion with the establishment of our African, Brazilian, and UK Divisions
  • TG starts its Global Centre Of Excellence Award Program to distinguish research groups using our instruments and solutions in the scientifically most inspiring ways
  • Installation of the first TissueFAXS cytometer in Chile at the University of Temuco where the team immediately utilizes the system to publish three impactful papers
  • Publication of the Health Economy Dossier “AI in Biomedicine: A Global Outlook” in collaboration with academic partners from around the world 
TissueGnostics Turns 20
  • 20-year anniversary
  • And some other exciting announcements (keep reading below)!

The last 20 years of TissueGnostics have been full of research, growth, and success! Of course, we could not have achieved everything we have without the support of our TG product users, collaborators, distributors, and the worldwide TissueGnostics teams. For this reason, TG has put together the 2023 Center of Excellence (COE); awards we have created for the purpose of celebrating and acknowledging our most impactful academic partnerships from the last 20 years! More information about this year’s 2023 COE and its awardees is on its way, so stay tuned.

Apart from the COE, we are also currently in collaboration with one of our partners to organize an exciting Satellite-Symposium for our worldwide TG community. Make sure you book your spot to celebrate with us and keep your eyes out for more up-and-coming 2023 announcements! It isn’t every year that you turn 20, so the TG team is looking forward to making 2023 our best year yet, while still continuing to assist you with your tissue cytometry needs.


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