14. October 2021

Confocal Slide Scanners: Specifications & RFQs

High resolution microscopy relies heavily on efficient confocal slide scanners to accurately and speedily image markers/target components within cells. Confocal slide scanners ensure high resolution visualization of fluorescent biomarkers within cell and tissue structures, a crucial technique in biomedical research.
This blog post will review the specifications and request for quotes (RFQs) for products with confocal slide scanners from the product line TissueFAXS Q by TissueGnostics, a leading expert in tissue cytometry.

Specifications of Confocal Slide Scanners in Products
TissueGnostics provides detailed specifications of confocal slide scanners in the TissueFAXS series of tissue cytometers optimized to meet a wide variety of confocal slide scanning needs. TissueFAXS is compatible with TissueGnostics StrataQuest, an image processing solution capable of advanced digital contextual image analysis for confocal microscopy in tissue studies.
Confocal slide scanners can be included in multiple products from the TissueFAXS line. For example, the TissueFAXS Q and SL Q Systems are equipped with LED utilizing, fast whole slide confocal imaging of standard as well as oversized slides. With LED-based technology, multi-channel fluorescence imaging, and a slide ID scanner, this confocal tissue cytometer results in high-speed and high-resolution confocal imaging.
The upgraded SLQ version performs high throughput scanning of up to 120 slides to boost process speed and efficiency. Using a confocal spinning disk that rotates at 15,000 RPM, TissueFAXS Q delivers automated scanning abilities with slides easily visualized automatically. Customizable scanning templates are also offered for efficient batch scanning.
The basic tissue cytometer offered by TissueGnostics, the TissueFAXS Plus performs widefield fluorescence and brightfield scanning and is also available in a scan-only configuration. Compatible with oversized slides, it can easily be upgraded to confocal scanning capabilities. Additionally, the TissueFAXS SL (Slide Loader) can also be upgraded to configurations suitable for confocal slide scanning. Thus, there are a variety of ways to implement advanced confocal slide scanning capabilities into your laboratory. Please see the section on submitting RFQs if you are interested in upgrading any existing TissueFAXS products.

Submitting RFQs for Confocal Slide Scanners

RFQs need to be submitted for confocal slide scanners on TissueGnostic products to ensure scanner capabilities are customized to best perform for clients’ specific expectations. Request for quotes (RFQs) for confocal slide scanners can be submitted on the online form on our contact page requiring contact information and a brief description of the intended confocal slide scanner use. A member of our team will then contact you about your product RFQ.

Whole Slide Confocal Imaging with TissueGnostics

TissueGnostics offers the TissueFAXS Q series, which is perfectly designed for performing whole slide confocal imaging. At the heart of the unit is a spinning disk system which can be used for both confocal imaging and widefield imaging by letting the light path bypass the disk. By combining this with a highly sensitive sCMOS camera, it is possible to perform whole slide confocal imaging on up to 120 slides at a time.
The TissueFAXS imaging software is what drives all hardware components, which together produce high resolution Z-stacked images, and can enable extended focus on whole slide confocal images. These virtual slides can then be used for context-based quantitative analysis using TissueGnostics StrataQuest software.
As StrataQuest comes with compatibility for a growing number of Apps, the TissueGnostics platform allows you to take full advantage of the power of virtual microscopy. From automated, high-throughput slide imaging, to data organization and distribution and ultimately, automated analysis for speeding up and enhancing your research, TissueGnostics’s platforms offer ample opportunities to realize the full potential of whole slide confocal imaging.
Interested in learning more about whole slide confocal imaging solutions? Contact a member of the TissueGnostics team today.

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