IHC Membrane APP: HER2/neu in Breast Cancer

Within this project the aim was to measure the prominent diagnostic parameter for breast cancer, the intensity of the HER2/neu membrane staining and the completeness of the closure of the respective membrane rings. The biopsies were provided by the Medical University of Vienna.

Backward Gating for all cells showing

The following images show some results of steps in the automated analysis process.

Result of automated color separation for HER2/neu staining

Colour sep orig 1

HER2/neu membrane detection algorithm results

 Colour sep orig 1Colour sep orig 1

Automatic nuclear segmentation algorithm results

Colour sep orig 1Colour sep orig 1

Tumor nuclei selected (red contour vs. green) in strong HER2/neu areas

Colour sep orig 1Colour sep orig 1

Low angle of HER2/neu staining, low intensity

Colour sep orig 1Colour sep orig 1

High angle of HER2/neu staining, high intensity
Colour sep orig 1Colour sep orig 1


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