IHC Immune Status in situ APP: Anti-CD3 positive cells in epithelial and interstitial tissues

IHC Immune Status in situ APP: Anti-CD3 positive cells in epithelial and interstitial tissues

The aim of the project was to quantify the distribution of anti-CD3 positive cells in and around the epithelial areas of prostate biopsies from a clinical study.

The biopsies were provided by the Medical University of Vienna.

The following images show some of the analysis steps.

 AntiCD3 Original

The first step in the APP is Tissue Detection.

AntiCD3 TissueDetection

In a second step a composite image of both brown and blue channels is created.

AntiCD3 CombNucChan

Then, a density map of the nuclei is built to determine areas with denser and larger nuclei (epithelial area candidates). 

AntiCD3 DensityMap

Based on the density map the epithelial areas are detected and cleaned.

AntiCD3 EpiDetection

Finally, distance ranges are projected from the perimeters of the epithelial areas to provide distance measurements for Anti-CD3 positive cells.

AntiCD3 DistRanges

Detailed View

The three detailed view images below show the detection of nuclei and Anti-CD3 staining.

AntiCD3 Det Orig

AntiCD3 Det CD3Negs

AntiCD3 Det CD3Pos


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