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Role of oncogenic K-Ras in cancer stem cell activation by aberrant Wnt/β-catenin signaling

BS Moon, WJ Jeong, J Park, TI Kim, DS Min, KY Choi

Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Oxford University Press) South Korea, 31 January 2014


Key words:signal transduction, mutation, cd44 antigens, transplantation, heterologous, mice, neoplasms, k-ras oncogene, homing-associated cell adhesion molecule, cancer stem cells

Organism: Mouse

Tissue: Xenograft Tumor

Pathological State: Cancer

Die prognostische Bedeutung von Tumor-infiltrierenden CD8+Zellen: eine detaillierte Analyse in Hinblick auf Tumor-Debulking und Zell-Proliferation

S Aust, A Bachmayr-Heyda, S Polterauer, D Pils, DC Castillo-Tong, OVCAD Consortium

Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde (Thieme) Austria, 30 January 2014


The role of the organic anion transporting polypeptide OATP4A1 in immunactivation in colorectal cancer and inflammatory colon disease.

Christoph Alexander Ausch, Simone Zotter, Maidah Scheikh, Heike Bauer, Marina Mollik, Erika Bajna, Christian Sebesta, Angelika Reiner, Theresia Thalhammer and Veronika Buxhofer-Ausch

Journal of Clinical Oncology (American Society of Clinical Oncology) , 20 January 2014


Key words:Prostaglandins, cyclic nucleotides, second messenger proteins, tumor cells growth

A dual role for autophagy in a murine model of lung cancer

Shuan Rao, Luigi Tortola, Thomas Perlot, Gerald Wirnsberger, Maria Novatchkova, Roberto Nitsch, Peter Sykacek, Lukas Frank, Daniel Schramek, Vukoslav Komnenovic, Verena Sigl, Karin Aumayr, Gerald Schmauss, Nicole Fellner, Stephan Handschuh, Martin Glösmann, Pawel Pasierbek, Michaela Schlederer, Guenter P. Resch, Yuting Ma, Heng Yang, Helmuth Popper, Lukas Kenner, Guido Kroemer and Josef M. Penninger

Nature Communications (Nature) Austria, France, 20 January 2014


Key words:Autophagy, Lung cancer, Oncogenesis

Organism: Mouse

Tissue: Lung

Pathological State: Cancer

Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β (GSK3β) Regulates Differentiation and Proliferation in Neural Stem Cells from the Rat Subventricular Zone 1

Martin H. Maurer, Jens O. Brömme, Robert E. Feldmann, Jr Anne Järve, Fatemeh Sabouri, Heinrich F. Bürgers, Dominik W. Schelshorn, Carola Krüger, Armin Schneider, Wolfgang Kuschinsky

Journal of Proteome Research (ACS Publications) Germany, 18 January 2014

Stem Cell Research

Key words:Neural stem cell, Neurosphere, Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3β, Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, Rat, Subventricular zone

Organism: Rat

Tissue: Brain

NF-E2-related factor 2 promotes compensatory liver hypertrophy after portal vein branch ligation in mice

Keiichi Shirasaki, Keiko Taguchi, Michiaki Unno, Hozumi Motohashi, Masayuki Yamamoto

Hepathology (Wiley) Japan, 17 January 2014


Key words:Hepatectomy, portal vein embolization, phosphoinositide 3-kinase, protein kinase B (PI3K/Akt) pathway

Organism: Mouse

Tissue: Liver

Hepatic RIG-I Predicts Survival and Interferon-α Therapeutic Response in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Jin Hou, Ye Zhou, Yuanyuan Zheng, Jia Fan, Weiping Zhou, Irene O.L. Ng, Huichuan Sun, Lunxiu Qin, Shuangjian Qiu, Joyce M.F. Lee, Chung-Mau Lo, Kwan Man, Yuan Yang, Yun Yang, Yingyun Yang, Qian Zhang, Xuhui Zhu, Nan Li, Zhengxin Wang, Guoshan Ding, Shi-Mei Zhuang, Limin Zheng, Xiaoling Luo, Yuan Xie, Anmin Liang, Zhugang Wang, Ming Zhang, Qiang Xia, Tingbo Liang, Yizhi Yu, Xuetao Cao

Cancer Cell (Cell Press) China, 13 January 2014


Key words:Hepatocellular carcinoma, interferon-α, retinoic acid-inducible gene-I

Organism: Human

Tissue: Liver

Pathological State: Liver Hemangioma

Diverse T-cell responses characterize the different manifestations of cutaneous graft-versus-host disease

Marie-Charlotte Brüggen, Irene Klein, Hildegard Greinix, Wolfgang Bauer, Zoya Kuzmina, Werner Rabitsch, Peter Kalhs, Peter Petzelbauer, Robert Knobler, Georg Stingl, Georg Stary

Blood (American Society of Hematology) Austria, 09 January 2014

Transplantation Medicine

Key words:Distinct T-cell patterns characterize the acute and chronic forms of cutaneous GVHD, increased TSLP expression is an indicator of acute cutaneous GVHD development.

Organism: Human

Tissue: Skin

Pathological State: Cutaneous graft-versus-host disease

Resveratrol enhances the chemopreventive effect of celecoxib in chemically induced breast cancer in rats

Terézia Kisková, Rastislav Jendzelovsky, Erdenetsetsek Rentsen, Alexandra Maier-Salamon, Natalia Kokosova, Zuzana Papcova,Jaromır Mikes, Peter Orendas, Bianka Bojkova, Peter Kubatka, Martin Svoboda, Karol Kajo, Peter Fedorocko, Walter Jager, Cem Ekmekcioglu, Monika Kassayova and Theresia Thalhammer

European Journal of Cancer Prevention (Wolters Kluwer) Austria, 01 January 2014


Key words:celecoxib, chemically induced breast cancer, COX2, GDF15, MCF-7 cells, oxidative stress, resveratrol

Organism: Rat

Tissue: Breast

Pathological State: Cancer

Macrophage Quantification in Different Breast Tumor Compartments.

Haisan, Anca; Petreus, T.; Jitaru, Daniela; Danciu, M.; Carasevici, E.

Jurnalul de Chirurgie ( Romania, 01 January 2014


Lymph node status assessed through the log odds ratio–a better tool in the prognosis of colorectal cancer relapse

ST Makkai-Popa, S Luncă, E Târcoveanu, E Carasevici, G Dimofte

Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology () Romania, 01 January 2014


Key words:disease-free interval, lymph node ratio, log odds ratio.


Vrânceanu, Anca; Tărniceriu, Claudia Cristina; Makkai, S.; Carasevici, E.

( Romania, 01 January 2014


Role of endocytic uptake in transfection efficiency of solid lipid nanoparticles-based nonviral vectors

Aritz Perez Ruiz de Garibay, María Ángeles Solinís Aspiazu, Alicia Rodríguez Gascón, Haleh Ganjian, Renate Fuchs

The Journal of Gene Medicine (Wiley) Spain, Austria, 27 December 2013


Key words:Endocytosis, lysosome, nonviral vector, solid lipid nanoparticles, transfection

Ginsenoside Rg3 Up-regulates the Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Human Dermal Papilla Cells and Mouse Hair Follicles

Dae Hyun Shin, Youn Jeong Cha, Kyeong Eun Yang, Ik-Soon Jang, Chang-Gue Son, Bo Hyeon Kim, Jung Min Kim

Phytotherapy Research (Wiley) South Korea, 26 December 2013


Key words:Rg3, hair growth, DP cell, gene expression profiles, VEGF, stemness marker

Application of quinidine on rat sciatic nerve decreases the amplitude and increases the latency of evoked responses

Kuang-I Cheng, I-Ling Lin, Lin-Li Chang, I-Ming Jou, Chung-Sheng Lai, Jhi-Joung Wang, Hung-Chen Wang, Aij-Lie Kwan

Journal of Anesthesia (Springer) Taiwan, 15 December 2013


Key words:Sciatic nerve, lidocaine, sciatic nerve fiber, contralateral hind limb, rat sciatic nerve, quinidine concentration, sodium channel, ranvier node, myelinated nerve fiber, local anesthetic, nerve conduction, peripheral nerve, neuropathic pain, conduction velocity

Autophagy suppresses tumorigenesis of hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma through degradation of microRNA-224

Sheng-Hui Lan, Shan-Ying Wu, Roberto Zuchini, Xi-Zhang Lin, Ih-Jen Su, Ting-Fen Tsai, Yen-Ju Lin, Cheng-Tao Wu and Hsiao-Sheng Liu

Hepathology (Wiley) Taiwan, 13 December 2013


Key words:microRNA-224, miR‐224 antagonist, autophagosome fraction, autophagy‐related genes, chloroquine, double distilled water, digoxigenin, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B virus X protein, hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatitis C virus

Overexpression of FGF9 in colon cancer cells is mediated by hypoxia-induced translational activation

Tsung-Ming Chen, Yu-Heng Shih, Joseph T. Tseng, Ming-Chih Lai, Chih-Hao Wu, Yi-Han Li, Shaw-Jenq Tsai, H. Sunny Sun

Nucleic Acids Research (Oxford University Press) Taiwan, 10 December 2013


Key words:Human fibroblast growth factor 9 , hypoxia, colon cancer cells

Localized Hyperthermia with Iron Oxide–Doped Yttrium Microparticles: Steps toward Image-Guided Thermoradiotherapy in Liver Cancer

Andrew C. Gordon, Robert J. Lewandowski, Riad Salem,, Delbert E. Day, Reed A. Omary, Andrew C. Larson

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (Elsevier) USA, 06 December 2013


Key words:Hepatocellular carcinoma, normal hepatic parenchyma, alternating magnetic field

Transdifferentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Keratinocyte-Like Cells: Engineering a Stratified Epidermis

Claudia Chavez-Munoz, Khang T. Nguyen,Wei Xu, Seok-Jong Hong,Thomas A. Mustoe, Robert D. Galiano

Plos One (PLOS) USA, 02 December 2013

Stem Cell Research

Key words:Keratinocytes, cell staining, transdifferentiation, cell differentiation, mesenchymal stem cells, DAPI staining, antibiotics, fibroblasts

MAR-mediated integration of plasmid vectors for in vivo gene transfer and regulation

Stefania Puttini, Ruthger W van Zwieten, Damien Saugy, Malgorzata Lekka, Florence Hogger, Deborah Ley, Andrzej J Kulik, Nicolas Mermod

BMC Molecular Biology (Springer) Switzerland, Poland, 02 December 2013


Key words:Inducible expression, non-viral vectors, MAR elements, erythropoietin, utrophin, gene therapy

Langerhans cell maturation is accompanied by induction of N-cadherin and the transcriptional regulators of epithelial–mesenchymal transition ZEB1/2

Sabine Konradi, Nighat Yasmin1, Denise Haslwanter, Michele Weber, Bernhard Gesslbauer, Michael Sixt, Herbert Strobl

European Journal of Immunology (Wiley) Austria, 02 December 2013


Key words:Cell migration, dendritic cells, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, langerhans cells, maturation

Targeting SOD1 reduces experimental non–small-cell lung cancer

Andrea Glasauer, Laura A. Sena, Lauren P. Diebold, Andrew P. Mazar, and Navdeep S. Chandel

The Journal of Clinical Investigation (American Society for Clinical Investigation) USA, 02 December 2013


A single allele of Hdac2 but not Hdac1 is sufficient for normal mouse brain development in the absence of its paralog

Astrid Hagelkruys, Sabine Lagger, Julia Krahmer, Alexandra Leopoldi, Matthias Artaker, Oliver Pusch, Jürgen Zezua, Simon Weissmann, Yunli Xie, Christian Schöfer, Michaela Schlederer, Gerald Brosch, Patrick Matthias, Jim Selfridge, Hans Lassmann, Jürgen A. Knoblich, Christian Seiser

Development (The Company of Biologists) Austria, Switzerland, UK, 19 November 2013


Key words:Histone deacetylases, neural cells, histone acetyltransferases, central nervous system

Developmental and oncogenic radiation effects on neural stem cells and their differentiating progeny in mouse cerebellum

Mirella Tanori, Emanuela Pasquali, Simona Leonardi, Arianna Casciati, Paola Giardullo, Ilaria De Stefano, Mariateresa Mancuso, Anna Saran, Simonetta Pazzaglia

Stem Cells (Wiley) Italy, 15 November 2013

Stem Cell Research

Key words:Ptc1+/- mice, apoptosis, DNA repair, p21, medulloblastoma, carcinogenesis, neural stem cells, progenitor cells

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Targeted Nuclear Delivery and High-Resolution Whole Cell X-ray Imaging of Fe3O4@TiO2 Nanoparticles in Cancer Cells

Ye Yuan, Si Chen, Tatjana Paunesku, Sophie Charlotte Gleber, William C. Liu, Caroline B. Doty, Rachel Mak, Junjing Deng, Qiaoling Jin, Barry Lai, Keith Brister, Claus Flachenecker, Chris Jacobsen, Stefan Vogt, Gayle E. Woloschak

ACS NANO (ACS Publications) USA, 12 November 2013

Medical Imaging

Key words:Nanoparticles, titanium dioxide, photoactivation, X-ray fluorescence microscopy, epidermal growth factor receptor

Cardiac magnetic resonance postcontrast T1 time is associated with outcome in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction

Mascherbauer J, Marzluf BA, Tufaro C, Pfaffenberger S, Graf A, Wexberg P, Panzenböck A, Jakowitsch J, Bangert C, Laimer D, Schreiber C, Karakus G, Hülsmann M, Pacher R, Lang IM, Maurer G, Bonderman D.

Circulation:Cardiovascular Imaging (AHA Journals) Austria, Turkey, 06 November 2013


Key words:Hypertension, pulmonary, magnetic resonance imaging, prognosis

Alcohol Exacerbates LPS-Induced Fibrosis in Subclinical Acute Pancreatitis

Haitao Gu, Franco Fortunato, Frank Bergmann, Markus W. Büchler, David C. Whitcomb, Jens Werner

American journal of Pathology (Elsevier) Germany, 01 November 2013


Key words:Pancreatic acinar cells, alcoholic acute pancreatitis, growth factor-β of acinar cells, pancreatic fibrosis

Renal Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Modulate Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 Signaling in Experimental Chronic Transplant Dysfunction

Kirankumar Katta, Miriam Boersema, Saritha Adepu, Heleen Rienstra, Johanna W.A.M. Celie, Rik Mencke, Grietje Molema, Harry van Goor, Jo H.M. Berden, Gerjan Navis, Jan-Luuk Hillebrands, Jacob van den Born

The American Journal of Pathology (Elsevier) The Netherlands, 01 November 2013

Transplantation Medicine

Key words:Renal transplantation, proteoglycans, chronic transplant dysfunction, laser-microdissected glomeruli

Corelation of Lymphocytic Infiltrates with the Prognosis of Recurrent Colo-Rectal Cancer

ST Makkai-Popa, S Luncã, G Dimofte, A Vrânceanu, D. Franciug, I Ivanov, F Zugun, E Târcoveanu, E Carasevici

Chirurgia (revistachirurgia) Romania, 01 November 2013


Key words:relapse prognosis, colo-rectal cancer, quantitative assessment of immunohistochemical staining, digital image analysis, cytotoxic T cells

Hypercapnia Impairs Lung Neutrophil Function and Increases Mortality in Murine Pseudomonas Pneumonia

Khalilah L. Gates , Heather A. Howell , Aisha Nair , Christine U. Vohwinkel , Lynn C. Welch , Greg J. Beitel , Alan R. Hauser , Jacob I. Sznajder , and Peter H. S. Sporn

American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (ATS Journals) USA, 01 November 2013


Key words:arbon dioxide; pulmonary infection; reactive oxygen species; phagocytosis; inflammation

Targeting of sodium–glucose cotransporters with phlorizin inhibits polycystic kidney disease progression in Han: SPRD rats

X Wang, S Zhang, Y Liu, D Spichtig, S Kapoor, H koepsell, N Mohebbi, S Sergerer, AL Serra, D Rodriguez, O Devuyst, C Mei, RP Wüthrich

Kidney international (Elsevier) Switzerland, China, Germany, 01 November 2013


Key words:polycystic, phlorizin, rat, sodium–glucose cotransport

Regulation of the calcium-sensing receptor expression by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha in colon cancer cells

Irfete S. Fetahu, Doris M. Hummel, Teresa Manhardt, Abhishek Aggarwal, Sabina Baumgartner-Parzer, Eniko Kállay

The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Elsevier) Austria, 28 October 2013


Key words:Calcium-sensing receptor, colon cancer, tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, Inflammation

AKIP1, a cardiac hypertrophy induced protein that stimulates cardiomyocyte growth via the Akt pathway

H Yu, W Tigchelaar, B Lu, WH van Gilst, RA De Boer, B Daan Westenbrink, HHW Sillje

International Journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI) The Netherlands, China, 28 October 2013


Key words:cardiac hypertrophy; AKIP1; Akt; kinase; remodeling

Jahrestagung der Deutschen, Österreichischen und Schweizerischen Gesellschaften für Hämatologie und Onkologie

Oncology research and treatment (Karger) Austria, 22 October 2013


Effects on tumor development and metastatic dissemination by the NKG2D lymphocyte receptor expressed on cancer cells

A El-Gazzar, X Cai, R S Reeves, Z Dai, A Caballero-Benitez, D L McDonald, J Vazquez, T A Gooley, G E Sale, T Spies and V Groh

Oncogene (Nature) USA, 21 October 2013


Key words:Breast cancer, Metastasis, Oncogene proteins, Oncogenesis

Neuroprotective effects of the Sigma-1 receptor (S1R) agonist PRE-084, in a mouse model of motor neuron disease not linked to SOD1 mutation

Marco Peviani, Eleonora Salvaneschi, Leonardo Bontempi, Alessandro Petese, Antonio Manzo, Daniela Rossi, Mario Salmona, Simona Collina, Paolo Bigini, Daniela Curti

Neurobiology of Disease (Elsevier) Italy, 16 October 2013


Key words:Sigma-1 receptor, motor neurons, BDNF, reactive gliosis, neurodegeneration, obbler

Overexpression of the Transcriptional Repressor Complex BCL-6/BCoR Leads to Nuclear Aggregates Distinct from Classical Aggresomes

Elisabeth Buchberger, Miriam El Harchi, Dietmar Payrhuber, Anna Zommer, Dominic Schauer, Ingrid Simonitsch-Klupp, Martin Bilban, Christine Brostjan

Plos One (PLOS) Austria, 11 October 2013

Cell Biology

Key words:Transfection, chaperone proteins, heat shock response, plasmid construction, cell staining, immunostaining, nuclear bodies, protein structure

Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid, an Inhibitor of Histone Deacetylase, Enhances Radiosensitivity and Suppresses Lung Metastasis in Breast Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo

Hui-Wen Chiu, Ya-Ling Yeh, Yi-Ching Wang, Wei-Jan Huang, Yi-An Chen, Yi-Shiou Chiou, Sheng-Yow Ho, Pinpin Lin, Ying-Jan Wang

Plos One (PLOS) Taiwan, 10 October 2013


Key words:Cancer treatment, autophagic cell death, breast cancer, DNA damage, apoptosis, metastasis, fluorescence microscopy, DNA repair

Characterization of T Cell Receptors of Th1 Cells Infiltrating Inflamed Skin of a Novel Murine Model of Palladium-Induced Metal Allergy

Hiroshi Kobayashi, Kenichi Kumagai, Takanori Eguchi, Hiroaki Shigematsu, Kazutaka Kitaura, Mitsuko Kawano, Tatsuya Horikawa, Satsuki Suzuki, Takaji Matsutani, Kouetsu Ogasawara, Yoshiki Hamada, Ryuji Suzuki

Plos One (PLOS) Japan, 03 October 2013


Key words:T cells, allergies, T cell receptors, polymerase chain reaction, cytokines, inflammation, chemokines, sequence analysis

Necro-inflammatory response of pancreatic acinar cells in the pathogenesis of acute alcoholic pancreatitis

H Gu, J Werner, F Bergmann, DC Whitcomb, MW Büchler, F Fortunato

Cell Death and Disease (Nature) Germany, USA, 03 October 2013


Key words:Acute pancreatitis, Inflammation, Necroptosis

Up-Regulation of SOX9 in Sertoli Cells from Testiculopathic Patients Accounts for Increasing Anti-Mullerian Hormone Expression via Impaired Androgen Receptor Signaling

Kuo-Chung Lan, Yen-Ta Chen, Chawnshang Chang, Yung-Chiao Chang, Hsin-Jung Lin, Ko-En Huang, Hong-Yo Kang

Plos One (PLOS) Taiwan, USA, 01 October 2013


Key words:Sertoli cells, testes, androgens, spermatogenesis, reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, testosterone, adults, germ cells

Expression Of CD8 Is Associated With Non-Common Type Morphology And Outcome In Pediatric Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase-Positive Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

Dmitriy Abramov, Ilske Oschlies, Martin Zimmermann, Dmitriy Konovalov, Christine Damm-Welk, Wilhelm Wössmann, Wolfram Klapper

Haematologica (Ferrata Storti Foundation) Germany, Russia, 01 October 2013


Key words:Anaplastic lymphoma kinase, CD30-positive T-cell lymphoma, vinblastine, autologous, allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Comparison of Interleukin-17- Producing Cells in Different Clinical Types of Alopecia Areata

Tojo G., Fujimura T., Kawano M., Ogasawara K., Kambayashi Y.,Furudate S., Mizuashi M., Aiba S.

Dermatology (Karger) Japan, 01 October 2013


Key words:Alopecia areata Interleukin-17 Interferon Acute, diffuse and total alopecia

Digital immunohistochemistry: new horizons and practical solutions in breast cancer pathology

Arvydas Laurinavicius, Justinas Besusparis, Justina Didziapetryte, Gedmante Radziuviene, Raimundas Meskauskas Aida Laurinaviciene

Diagnostic Pathology (BioMed Central) Lithuania, 30 September 2013


Key words:Breast cancer, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarkers, tissue microarray

Loss of phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) in myeloid cells controls inflammatory bone destruction by regulating the osteoclastogenic potential of myeloid cells

Stephan Blüml, Martin Friedrich, Tobias Lohmeyer, Emine Sahin, Victoria Saferding, Julia Brunner, Antonia Puchner, Peter Mandl, Birgit Niederreiter, Josef S Smolen, Gernot Schabbauer, Kurt Redlich

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (BMJ Journals) Austria, 27 September 2013


Key words:Rheumatic diseases, osteoclasts, Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase, Phosphatase and tensin homolog

Direct Comparison of Autologous and Allogeneic Transplantation of iPSC-Derived Neural Cells in the Brain of a Nonhuman Primate

Morizane A, Doi D, Kikuchi T, Okita K, Hotta A, Kawasaki T, Hayashi T, Onoe H, Shiina T, Yamanaka S, Takahashi J.

Stem Cell Reports (Cell Press) Japan, 26 September 2013

Transplantation Medicine

Prognostic impact of tumor infiltrating CD8+ T cells in association with cell proliferation in ovarian cancer patients - a study of the OVCAD consortium

Anna Bachmayr-Heyda, Stefanie Aust, Georg Heinze, Stephan Polterauer, Christoph Grimm, Elena Ioana Braicu, Jalid Sehouli, Sandrina Lambrechts, Ignace Vergote, Sven Mahner, Dietmar Pils, Eva Schuster, Theresia Thalhammer, Reinhard Horvat, Carsten Denkert, Robert Zeillinger, Dan Cacsire Castillo-Tong

BMC Cancer (BioMed Central) Austria, Germany, Belgium, 17 September 2013


Key words:Epithelial ovarian cancer, Cytotoxic T cells, Tumor proliferation, Prognostic impact, Residual tumor

A single extra copy of Dscr1 improves survival of mice developing spontaneous lung tumors through suppression of tumor angiogenesis

Jimin Shin, Jang Choon Lee, Kwan-Hyuck Baek

Cancer Letters (Elsevier) South Korea, 16 September 2013


Key words:Down syndrome, cancer, angiogenesis, Dscr1, Spontaneous lung tumorigenesis

Contribution of Toll-Like Receptor 2 to the Innate Response against Staphylococcus aureus Infection in Mice

Yimin, Masashi Kohanawa, Songji Zhao, Michitaka Ozaki,Sanae Haga, Guangxian Nan, Yuji Kuge, Nagara Tamaki

Plos One (PLOS) Japan, China, 13 September 2013


Key words:Staphylococcus aureus, macrophages, cytokines, bacterial pathogens, toll-like receptors, neutrophils, gene expression, blood

Comprehensive characterizations of nanoparticle biodistribution following systemic injection in mice

WY Liao, HJ Li, MY Chang, ACL Tang, AS Hoffman, PCH Hsieh

Nanoscale (Royal Society of Chemistry) Taiwan, USA, 06 September 2013


In vitro and in vivo uptake study of Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 bacterial ghosts: cell-based delivery system to target ocular surface diseases

Elisabeth Stein; Aleksandra Inic-Kanada; Sandra Belij; Jacqueline Montanaro; Nora Bintner; Simone Schlacher; Ulrike Beate Mayr; Werner Lubitz; Marijana Stojanovic; Hristo Najdenski; Talin Barisani-Asenbauer

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (ARVO Journals) Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, 01 September 2013


Digital microscopy assessment of angiogenesis in different breast cancer compartments

Haisan A, Rogojanu R, Croitoru C, Jitaru D, Tarniceriu C, Danciu M, Carasevici E.

BioMed Research International (Hindawi Publishing Corporation) Romania, Austria, 01 September 2013

Medical Image Analysis

Key words:Tumour angiogenesis, microvessel density, breast cancer, tumour associated stroma, tumour parenchyma, tumour invasive front.

Involvement of the Serine Protease Inhibitor, SERPINE2, and the Urokinase Plasminogen Activator in Cumulus Expansion and Oocyte Maturation

Chung-Hao Lu, Robert Kuo-Kuang Lee, Yuh-Ming Hwu, Ming-Huei Lin, Ling-Yu Yeh, Ying-Jie Chen, Shau-Ping Lin, Sheng-Hsiang Li

Plos One (PLOS) Taiwan, 30 August 2013

Reproductive Medicine

Key words:Oocytes, small interfering RNAs, extracellular matrix, immune serum, ovaries, vector cloning, complementary DNA, gene expression

Expression of E-cadherin, Twist, and p53 and their prognostic value in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma

Chi-Chen Fan, Tao-Yeuan Wang, Yen-An Cheng, Shih Sheng Jiang, Chien-Wen Cheng, Alan Yueh-Luen Lee, Ting-Yu Kao

Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology (Springer) Taiwan, 30 August 2013


Key words:Ttwist expression, betel quid, betel quid chewing, oscc tissue, reduced e-cadherin,oscc tumor, oral cancer, oral squamous cell carcinoma, oral carcinogenesis, neck cancer, oral epithelium, emt marker, bladder cancer, e-cadherin promoter, emt transcription

Glycogen synthase kinase-3β–mediated CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein delta phosphorylation in astrocytes promot es migration and activation of microglia/macrophages

Chiung-Yuan Ko, Wen-Ling Wang, Shao-Ming Wang, Yu-Yi Chu, Wen-Chang Chang, Ju-Ming Wang

Neurobiology of aging (Elsevier) Taiwan, Japan, 29 August 2013


Key words:Alzheimer's disease, CEBPD, GSK3ß, astrocytes, microglia

Human Cytomegalovirus UL76 Elicits Novel Aggresome Formation via Interaction with S5a of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System

Shin-Rung Lin, Meei Jyh Jiang, Hung-Hsueh Wang, Cheng-Hui Hu, Ming-Shan Hsu, Edward Hsi, Chang-Yih Duh, Shang-Kwei Wang

Journal of Virology (American Society for Microbiology) China, 21 August 2013


Key words:Cytomegalovirus

Neohesperidin attenuates cerebral ischemia–reperfusion injury via inhibiting the apoptotic pathway and activating the Akt/Nrf2/HO-1 pathway

Journal of Asian Natural Products Research (Taylor and Francis) China, 16 August 2013


Key words:Cerebral ischemia

Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Facilitates the Escape of Staphylococcus aureus From Human Keratinocyte Endosomes and Induces Apoptosis

Chia-Yu Chi, Chia-Chun Lin, I-Chuang Liao, Yi-Chuan Yao, Fan-Ching Shen, Ching-Chuan Liu, Chiou-Feng Lin

The Journal of Infectious Disease (Oxford University Press) Taiwan, 15 August 2013


Key words:Endosome keratinocyte, Panton-Valentine leukocidin, Staphylococcus aureus

Circulating alpha-klotho levels are not disturbed in patients with type 2 diabetes with and without macrovascular disease in the absence of nephropathy

Joris van Ark, Hans-Peter Hammes, Marcory C R F van Dijk, Marc G Vervloet, Bruce H R Wolffenbuttel, Harry van Goor, Jan-Luuk Hillebrands

Cardiovascular Diabetology (Springer) The Netherlands, Germany, 14 August 2013


Key words:Vascular, diabetes

Carboxyl-Terminal Modulator Protein Positively Regulates Akt Phosphorylation and Acts as an Oncogenic Driver in Breast Cancer

Yu-Peng Liu, Wen-Chi Liao, Luo-Ping Ger, Jiun-Chin Chen, Tai-I Hsu, Yu-Cheng Lee, Hong-Tai Chang, Yu-Chia Chen, Yi-Hua Jan, Kuen-Haur Lee, Yu-Hao Zeng, Michael Hsiao, Pei-Jung Lu

Cancer Research (AACR Publications) Taiwan, 13 August 2013


Key words:Tumorigenesis, cancer cells, carboxy-terminal modulator protein, Akt serine/threonine kinase

Quantitative magnetization transfer MRI of desmoplasia in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma xenografts

Weiguo Li, Zhuoli Zhang, Jodi Nicolai, Guang-Yu Yang, Reed A. Omary, Andrew C. Larson

NMR in Biomedicine (Wiley) USA, 12 August 2013


Key words:Quantitative magnetization transfer, bound proton fraction, desmoplasia, pancreatic cancer, xenograft

A Kinase-Independent Function of CDK6 Links the Cell Cycle to Tumor Angiogenesis

Karoline Kollmann, Gerwin Heller, Christine Schneckenleithner, Wolfgang Warsch, Ruth Scheicher, Rene G. Ott, Markus Schäfer, Sabine Fajmann, Michaela Schlederer, Ana-Iris Schiefer, Ursula Reichart, Matthias Mayerhofer, Christoph Hoeller, Sabine Zöchbauer-Müller, Dontscho Kerjaschki, Christoph Bock, Lukas Kenner, Gerald Hoefler, Michael Freissmuth, Anthony R. Green, Richard Moriggl, Meinrad Busslinger, Marcos Malumbres, Veronika Sexl

Cancer Cell (Cell Press) Austria, UK, Spain, 12 August 2013


Key words:Cell cycle kinase CDK6, pro-angiogenic factor VEGF-A, tumor suppressor p16INK4a

Entry of human rhinovirus 89 via ICAM-1 into HeLa epithelial cells is inhibited by actin skeleton disruption and by bafilomycin

Beatrix Pfanzagl, Daniel Andergassen, Johanna Edlmayr, Katarzyna Niespodziana, Rudolf Valenta, Dieter Blaas

Archives of Virology (Springer) Austria, 04 August 2013


Key words:Hela cell, transferrin, rhabdomyosarcoma, confocal immunofluorescence microscopy, cholesterol depletion, dextran, skeletal muscle cell, stress fiber formation, actin aggregate,lipid raft, breast cancer cell line, infected hela cell, actin patch, rock inhibitor,capsid protein

An interleukin-17–mediated paracrine network promotes tumor resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy

Alicia S Chung, Xiumin Wu, Guanglei Zhuang, Hai Ngu, Ian Kasman, Jianhuan Zhang, Jean-Michel Vernes, Zhaoshi Jiang, Y Gloria Meng, Franklin V Peale, Wenjun Ouyang and Napoleone Ferrara

Nature Medicine (Nature) USA, 04 August 2013


Key words:Cancer

Interleukin-1β induced by Helicobacter pylori infection enhances mouse gastric carcinogenesis

Yasuyuki Shigematsu, Tohru Niwa, Emil Rehnberg, Takeshi Toyoda, Satoshi Yoshida, Akiko Mori, Mika Wakabayashi, Yoichiro Iwakura, Masao Ichinose, Yong-Joon Kim, Toshikazu Ushijima

Cancer Letters (Elsevier) Japan, South Korea, 03 August 2013


Key words:Interleukin-1ß, gastric cancer, helicobacter pylori infection, inflammation

Impact of constant storage temperatures and multiple warming cycles on the quality of stored red blood cells

T. Wagner, M.-A. Pabst, G. Leitinger, U. Reiter, N. Kozma, G. Lanzer, B. Huppertz

VoxSanguinis (Wiley) Austria, 02 August 2013


Key words:Electron microscopy, quality, RBC, storage, temperature.

Decreased hippocampal MR/GR ratio is associated with low-birth weight in Cynomolgus macaque neonates

JP Buschdorf, SX Ong, K Chng, MJ Meany

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology (Society for Endocrinology) Singapore, 01 August 2013

Reproductive Medicine

Key words:MR:GR ratio; cynomolgus macaque; glucocorticoid receptor; low birth weight

Mobilizing monocytes to cross-present circulating viral antigen in chronic infection

Adam J. Gehring, Muzlifah Haniffa, Patrick T. Kennedy, Zi Zong Ho, Carolina Boni, Amanda Shin, Nasirah Banu, Adeline Chia, Seng Gee Lim, Carlo Ferrari, Florent Ginhoux, Antonio Bertolett

The Journal of Clinical Investigation (American Society for Clinical Investigation) Singapore, UK, Italy, 01 August 2013


Infliximab induces downregulation of the IL-12/IL-23 axis in 6-sulfo-LacNac (slan)+ dendritic cells and macrophages

Patrick M. Brunner, Frieder Koszik, Bärbel Reininger, Madeleine L. Kalb, Wolfgang Bauer, Georg Stingl

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Elsevier) Austria, 25 July 2013


Key words:Psoriasis, myeloid dendritic cells, 6-sulfo-LacNac, IL-12p40, TNF-a

Association of gamma-glutamyltransferase with severity of disease at diagnosis and prognosis of ovarian cancer

C Grimm, G Hofstetter, S Aust, I Mutz-Dehbalaie, M Bruch, G Heinze, J Rahhal-Schupp, A Reinthaller, N Concin, S Polterauer

British journal of Cancer (Nature) Austria, USA, 16 July 2013


Key words:Ovarian cancer, Prognostic markers

High resolution MRI for non-invasive mouse lymph node mapping

Zhuoli Zhang , Daniel Procissi, Weiguo Li, Dong-Hyun Kim, Kangan Li, Guohong Han, Yi Huan, Andrew C. Larson

Journal of Immunological Methods (Elsevier) USA, China, 11 July 2013


Key words:Mouse, Lymph node, Lymphatic drainage, India ink, Magnetic resonance imaging

A phase I trial of aminolevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy for treatment of oral leukoplakia

Stuart J. Wong, Bruce Campbell, Becky Massey, Denis P. Lynch, Ezra E.W. Cohen, Elizabeth Blair, Rebecca Selle, Julia Shklovskaya, Borko D. Jovanovic, Silvia Skripkauskas, Alexander Dew, Peter Kulesza, Vamsi Parimi, Raymond C. Bergan, e, Eva Szabo

Oral Oncology (Elsevier) USA, 08 July 2013


Key words:Leukoplakia, aminolevulinic acid, photodynamic therapy, phase I, laser

Vascular Injury Involves the Overoxidation of Peroxiredoxin Type II and Is Recovered by the Peroxiredoxin Activity Mimetic That Induces Reendothelialization

Dong Hoon Kang, Doo Jae Lee, Jiran Kim, Joo Young Lee, Hyun-Woo Kim, Kihwan Kwon, W. Robert Taylor, Hanjoong Jo, Sang Won Kang

Circulation (AHA Journals) USA, South Korea, 02 July 2013


Key words:Coronary restenosis, endothelium, peroxiredoxins, reactive oxygen species, receptor protein-tyrosine kinases

Overexpression of Lon contributes to survival and aggressive phenotype of cancer cells through mitochondrial complex I-mediated generation of reactive …

CW Cheng, CY Kuo, CC Fan, WC Fang, SS Jiang, YK Lo, TY Wang, MC Kao, AYL Lee

Cell Death and Disease (Nature) Taiwan, 20 June 2013


Key words:Apoptosis, Cancer metabolism, Pathogenesis

THU0094 Treatment with BGP-15, a Novel Insulin Sensitizer Attenuates Collagen-Induced Arthritis in DBA/1 Mice

P. Mandl, S. Hayer, S. Blüml, V. Saferding, D. Sykoutri, C. Antus, A. Szabo, J. Smolen, K. Redlich

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (BMJ Journals) Austria, Hungary, 15 June 2013


Key words:Arthritis

HPV16 activates the AIM2 inflammasome in keratinocytes

M. Reinholz, Y. Kawakami, S. Salzer, A. Kreuter, Y. Dombrowski, S. Koglin, S. Kresse, T. Ruzicka, J. Schauber

Archives of Dermatological Research (Springer) Germany, 14 June 2013


Key words:Hpv16 dna, aim2 inflammasome, cytosolic dna sensor, inflammasome activation, anal intraepithelial neoplasium, hpv dna, hpv infection, il-1 release,amphotericin, caspase-1 activation, cutaneous wart, il-1 secretion, gentamicin, viral dna, hpv16 18

Glia, Poster. Cell proliferation, lineages and differentation

C. Fenger, M. Thomassen, B. Emery, T. Kuhlmann, T.A. Kruse, B. Finsen

GLIA (Wiley) Denmark, Austria, Australia, 14 June 2013


Key words:Cell proliferation, lineages, differentiation

A practical approach to immunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma using T cells redirected against hepatitis B virus

S Koh, N Shimasaki, R Suwanarusk, ZZ Ho…

Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids (Cell Press) Singapore, Sweden, USA, UK, 12 June 2013

Immunology, Virology

Key words:hepatitis B virus, hepatocellular carcinoma, mRNA electroporation, TCR gene therapy

In vivo bioluminescence reporter gene imaging for the activation of neuronal differentiation induced by the neuronal activator neurogenin 1 (Ngn1) in neuronal precursor cells

Hyun Jeong Oh, Do Won Hwang, Hyewon Youn, Dong Soo Lee

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (Springer) South Korea, 11 June 2013


Key words:Reporter gene imaging, vector complex, neuronal differentiation, neuronal marker map2, gaussia luciferase, stem cell therapy, human nsc, pluripotent stem cell, grafted stem cell, neural precursor cell, hela cell, neurite outgrowth, nucleic acid delivery, nude mouse, luciferase signal

SYK Inhibition Modulates Distinct PI3K/AKT- Dependent Survival Pathways and Cholesterol Biosynthesis in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphomas

Linfeng Chen, Stefano Monti ,Przemyslaw Juszczynski, Jing Ouyang, Bjoern Chapuy, Donna Neuberg, John G. Doench, Agata M. Bogusz,Thomas M. Habermann, Ahmet Dogan, Thomas E. Witzig, Jeffery L. Kutok, Scott J. Rodig, Todd Golub, Margaret A. Shipp

Cancer Cell (Cell Press) USA, 10 June 2013


Key words:B cell receptor, diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Histone acetyl transferase 1 is essential for mammalian development, genome stability, and the processing of newly synthesized histones H3 and H4

Prabakaran Nagarajan, Zhongqi Ge, Bianca Sirbu, Cheryl Doughty, Paula A. Agudelo Garcia, Michaela Schlederer, Anthony T. Annunziato, David Cortez, Lukas Kenner, Mark R. Parthun

PLoS Genetics (PLOS) USA, Austria, 06 June 2013


Key words:Histones ,Acetylation ,Chromatin ,Lysine ,DNA damage ,Mouse models ,DNA replication ,Neonates

Clinical significance and evolution of hepatic HBsAg expression in HBeAg-positive patients receiving interferon therapy

Tung-Hung Su, Chun-Jen Liu, Hung-Chih Yang, Yung-Ming Jeng, Huei-Ru Cheng, Chen-Hua Liu, Tai-Chung Tseng, Thai-Yen Ling, Pei-Jer Chen, Ding-Shinn Chen, Jia-Horng Kao

Journal of Gastroenterology (Springer) Taiwan, 05 June 2013


Key words:Hbsag decline, hbsag expression, on-treatment hbsag, hbsag titer, hbsag clearance, serum hbsag, hbeag loss, hbeag-negative chb, hbv genotype, hbv dna, serum hbv-dna, hbeag-positive chb, hbsag quantification, architect hbsag, viral load

Quantitative Evaluation of Stem Cell Grafting in the Central Nervous System of Mice by In Vivo Bioluminescence Imaging and Postmortem Multicolor Histological Analysis

Kristien Reekmans, Nathalie De Vocht, Jelle Praet, Debbie Le Blon, Chloé Hoornaert, Jasmijn Daans, Annemie Van der Linden, Zwi Berneman, Peter Ponsaerts

Imaging and Tracking Stem Cells (Springer) Belgium, 04 June 2013

Stem Cell Research

Key words:Neural stem cells, mesenchymal stromal cells eGFP, luciferase, cell transplantation, brain, bioluminescence imaging, histology, microglia, astrocytes

Enhanced inhibition of prostate tumor growth by dual targeting the androgen receptor and the regulatory subunit type iα of protein kinase a in vivo

Iris E. Eder, Martina Egger , Hannes Neuwirt , Christof Seifarth , Danilo Maddalo , Andreas Desiniotis, Georg Schäfer, Martin Puhr, Jasmin Bektic, Andrew C. B. Cato and Helmut Klocker

International Journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI) Austria, Germany, 04 June 2013


Key words:androgen receptor; cAMP-dependent protein kinase A; regulatory subunit type Iα; prostate cancer; antisense molecules; dual targeting; LNCaP xenografts; castration resistance

Smooth muscle cell transplantation improves bladder contractile function in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats

Chaitanya Gopinath, Peter Ponsaerts, Erik Fransen, Nele Boeykens, Patrick Pauwels, Jean-Jacques Wyndaele

Cytotherapy (Elsevier) Belgium, 01 June 2013

Transplantation Medicine

Key words:Bladder smooth muscle cells, cell graft survival, cell transplantation, contractile function, diabetes, in vivo cystometry

Biocompatible fluorescent nanoparticles for in vivo stem cell tracking

Lidia Cova, Paolo Bigini, Valentina Diana, Leopoldo Sitia, Raffaele Ferrari, Ruggiero Maria Pesce, Rushd Khalaf, Patrizia Bossolasco, Paolo Ubezio, Monica Lupi, Massimo Tortarolo, Laura Colombo, Daniela Giardino, Vincenzo Silani, Massimo Morbidelli, Mario Salmona and Davide Moscatelli

Nanotechnology (IOP Science) Italy, Switzerland, 20 May 2013


Key words:fluorescent nanoparticles, in vivo stem cell tracking, hAFCs, methyl methacrylate (MMA)

Increased Cdc7 expression is a marker of oral squamous cell carcinoma and overexpression of Cdc7 contributes to the resistance to DNA-damaging agents

An Ning Cheng, Shih Sheng Jiang,Chi-Chen Fan, Yu-Kang Lo, Chan-Yen Kuo, Chung-Hsing Chen, Ying-Lan Liu, Chun-Chung Lee, Wei-Shone Chen, Tze-Sing Huang, Tao-Yeuan Wang, Alan Yueh-Luen Lee

Cancer Letters (Elsevier) Taiwan, 16 May 2013


Key words:Cdc7, oral cancer, prognostic marker, chemotherapy resistance

Identification and Characterization of Poorly Differentiated Invasive Carcinomas in a Mouse Model of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumorigenesis

Karen E. Hunter, Marsha L. Quick, Anguraj Sadanandam,Douglas Hanahan, Johanna A. Joyce

Plos One (PLOS) USA, Switzerland, 14 May 2013


Key words:Insulin, differentiated tumors, invasive tumors, cell staining, insulinoma, immunofluorescence staining, carcinomas, cell differentiation

Gaseous Hydrogen Sulfide Protects against Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Mice Partially Independent from Hypometabolism

Pauline M. Snijdr , Rudolf A. de Boer, Eelke M. Bos, Joost C. van den Born, Willem-Peter T. Ruifrok, Inge Vreeswijk-Baudoin, Marcory C. R. F. van Dijk, Jan-Luuk Hillebrands,Henri G. D. Leuvenink, Harry van Goor

Plos One (PLOS) The Netherlands, 10 May 2013


Key words:Reperfusion, necrosis, blood pressure, fibrosis, heart rate, granulocytes, heart , oxygen

Determination of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ lymphocytes in human ovarian cancer

Aust S, Bachmayr-Heyda A, Pils D, Zhao L, Tong W, Berger A, Fogel M, Thalhammer T, Sehouli J, Horvat R, Zeillinger R, Castillo-Tong DC

International Journal of gynecological pathology (Wolters Kluwer) Austria, 10 May 2013


Key words:Tumor-infiltrating immune cells, ovarian cancer, CD8+ lymphocytes

Heparanase promotes lymphangiogenesis and tumor invasion in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

KE Hunter, C Palermo, JC Kester, K Simpson, JP Li, LH Tang, DS Klimstra, I Vlodavsky and JA Joyce

Oncogene (Nature) USA, Sweden, Israel, 06 May 2013


Key words:Lymphangiogenesis, Oncogenesis, Pancreatic cancer

Sex differences in IRF5 levels and implications for pDC IFN{alpha} response (P1365)

Morgane Griesbeck, Phillip Tomezsko, Erin Doyle, Michael Sirignano,Thomas Diefenbach, Marcus Altfeld, Judy Chang

The Journal of Immunology (American Association of Immunologists) USA, 01 May 2013


Key words:IRF5, Sex differences, pDC IFNα, HIV-1

Selected Abstracts from the World Conference on Interventional Oncology (WCIO) 2013

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (Elsevier) , 01 May 2013


Nuclear Localization of CD26 Induced by a Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Inhibits Tumor Cell Growth by Modulating of POLR2A Transcription

Kohji Yamada, Mutsumi Hayashi, Hiroko Madokoro, Hiroko Nishida, Wenlin Du, Kei Ohnuma, Michiie Sakamoto, Chikao Morimoto, Taketo Yamada

Plos One (PLOS) Japan, 29 April 2013


Key words:Cancer treatment, mesothelioma, endocytosis, nuclear membrane, small interfering RNAs, immunoprecipitation, immunoblot analysis, cell membranes

Intra-voxel incoherent motion MRI in rodent model of diethylnitrosamine-induced liver fibrosis

Yue Zhang, Ning Jin, Jie Deng, Yang Guo, Sarah B. White, Guang-Yu Yang, Reed A. Omary, Andrew C. Larson

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Elsevier) USA, 15 April 2013

Medical Imaging

Key words:Intra-Voxel Incoherent Motion, Diffusion weighted MRI, Liver fibrosis

Fluorescence endoscopy of cathepsin activity discriminates dysplasia from colitis

E Gounaris, J Martin, Y Ishihara…

Inflammatory bowel Disease (Oxford University Press) USA, 15 April 2013


Key words:dysplasia, colitis, macrophages, cathepsin activity, fluorescence endoscopy

Non-Cell-Autonomous Tumor Suppression by p53

Amaia Lujambio, Leila Akkari, Janelle Simon, Danielle Grace, Darjus F. Tschaharganeh, Jessica E. Bolden, Zhen Zhao, Vishal Thapar, Johanna A. Joyce, Valery Krizhanovsky, Scott W. Lowe

CELL (Cell Press) USA, Israel, 11 April 2013


Key words:p53 tumor suppressor, hepatic stellate cells, hepatocellular carcinoma, premalignant cells

Oncogenic RAS pathway activation promotes resistance to anti-VEGF therapy through G-CSF–induced neutrophil recruitment

Vernon T. Phan, Xiumin Wu, Jason H. Cheng, Rebecca X. Sheng, Alicia S. Chung, Guanglei Zhuang, Christopher Tran, Qinghua Song, Marcin Kowanetz, Amy Sambrone, Martha Tan, Y. Gloria Meng, Erica L. Jackson, Franklin V. Peale, Melissa R. Junttila, Napoleone Ferrara

PNAS (PNAS) USA, 09 April 2013


Key words:Agiogenesis microenvironment tyrosine kinase

Increased copy-number and not DNA hypomethylation causes overexpression of the candidate proto-oncogene CYP24A1 in colorectal cancer

Julia Höbaus, Doris M. Hummel, Ursula Thiem, Irfete S. Fetahu, Abhishek Aggarwal, Leonhard Müllauer, Gerwin Heller, Gerda Egger, Ildiko Mesteri, Sabina Baumgartner-Parzer, Enikö Kallay

International Journal of Cancer (Wiley) Austria, 05 April 2013


Key words:CYP24A1, colorectal cancer, 20q13.2, methylation, proliferation

Transcatheter delivery of sorafenib-eluting polylactide-co-glycolide microspheres: therapy response studies in a rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma

J. Chen, A. Sheu, R.J. Lewandowski, R.A. Omary, L. Shea, A.C. Larson

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (Elsevier) USA, 02 April 2013


Key words:Sorafenib, hepatocellular carcinoma, polylactide-co-glycolide

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