TG Services

TG Services

Currently, TissueGnostics offers the following services:

  • TG Support Service - we won´t let you down. Period.
  • TG Maintenance Service - so your system works for you 24/7, not the other way around.
  • TG Upgrade Service - gets you those new SW features.
  • Other Services - let´s talk about your requirements...


TG Support - the people who help you out...

...when nothing works any more. Or just not the way you thought it would. Or when you just don´t know how (and have looked it up in the manual FIRST! TG Smiley50x50)

TissueGnostics may well offer the fastest support service in the automated microscopy market - incredible as it is, the mean response time of our supporters is slightly over 80 minutes after receiving your mail or your phone call (during working hours, see below).

And don´t just take our word for it:

  • "Wow!!!! And . . . . this is why one contacts experts when one runs into issues. You described the root cause and the resolution perfectly. Thank you so much."
  • "Thank you for your detailed answer. We got the pictures out - thank you again!"
  • "Quick email to wish you all happy holidays. Thank you for all the support ! :-)"


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Support offer and support times

TG offers support as a service for twelve calendar months, with one hour of support per month. This service is run on a fair use basis (which means we won´t tell you that you have already used up your hour and have to wait for 30 days now...). If a customer repeatedly overuses the agreement, we will ask to discuss the situation.

This has worked well for many people and years.

If you would like to discuss another support model, please contact us.

Support times are from 09:00 to 17:30 on European weekdays in the Eastern European Time zone (EET, UTC/GMT+2 hours). Customers with an issue outside of these times who write an e-mail will be contacted on the next workday as a priority.

The mean number of online interventions per support ticket is low, which means that most customers issues can be resolved in the first intervention.


Question head 70x70Want to know more about the TG Support Service?

Please just let us know.


TG Maintenance Service

This service provides a yearly preventive maintenance of TG hardware systems and is offered for the calendar year. In the year, the actual maintenance date will be coordinated between the customer and TG Support.

The maintenance covers all relevant parts of a system, from the microscope stand to the analysis software, for which all relevant missing updates (for the definition, see below) will be installed. All relevant mechanical and optical parts are inspected and cleaned and the system is recalibrated.

TG stongly recommends to do a yearly maintenance on TissueFAXS systems. This will help to keep your system running at optimal performance with little downtime.


Question head 70x70Want to know more about the TG Maintenance Service?

Please just let us know.


TG Upgrade Service

TG offers a yearly upgrade service for all its software packages (i.e. StrataQuest, TissueQuest, HistoQuest and TissueFAXS).

This upgrade service comprises all updates (improvements fixing issues in the software, i.e. bugfixes) and one major upgrade (an enhancementof an existing feature or a new feature) for the given calendar year. 


Question head 70x70Want to know more about the TG Upgrade Service?

Please just let us know.



Question head 70x70Want to discuss other Services?

Please just let us know.


GDPR Icon2 attention 

By contacting TissueGostics for information via the mail links above please note that you consent to us processing any personal data submitted in your information request.

Pursuant to the requirements of the General Data Pretection Regulation (EU) we will process your data as long as needed to provide you with the requested information, after which your data will be restricted, .i.e. locked and not processed for other purposes.

Your consent to us processing your data can be revoked at any time - please inform us about this via e-mail to

For further information see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

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