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The striatum is crucial for value-based learning

Research groups from McGovern Institute of Brain Research, MIT, USA published a study in Cell (November 2020), investigating specialized brain regions responsible for value-based learning in age and Huntington’s disease models. Expression of various molecules within brain tissues were detected using the high-resolution imaging system TissueFAXS SL Q+.

Webinar: Contextual Tissue Cytometry using Artificial Intelligence

Webinar: Contextual Tissue Cytometry using Artificial Intelligence

The Cancer Research UK (CRUK) – Cambridge Centre invites CEO of TissueGnostics Dr. Rupert Ecker for his insights on "Contextual Tissue Cytometry with AI - Immunophenotyping and Quantifying the Tumor Microenvironment in situ".

immunology call Imprint

Quantification of the immunological imprint in colorectal cancer

TG's tissue cytometry platform TissueFAXS PLUS was used as central methodology in a study published in Cancers. The group from the Medical University of Vienna quantified various immune cell populations within specialized lymphoid structures in the normal colonic mucosa and at primary and metastatic sites of patients with colorectal cancer.


TissueFAXS SPECTRA – high content multispectral imaging

TissueFAXS SPECTRA systems provide multispectral imaging of IF processed samples and spectral unmixing when combined with contextual tissue cytometry (StrataQuest, StrataQuest Apps). The workflow enables the elimination of autofluorescence and bleed-through between channels and the number of acquired IF stained markers can be drastically increased.).

hcn expression

Exploration of neuronal diversity among various species

A recent publication in the Journal of Neuroscience Research from a research group from Medical University of Innsbruck addresses expression patterns, subcellular location, and age-dependent changes of HCN (voltage gated channel) across different mammalian species. TissueFAXS PLUS and HistoQuest were used to assess expression of HCN in-situ.

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