HemoFAXS - Hematology Analyzer


HemoFAXS is a CE-IVD conform complete solution for clinical routine hematology. It offers fully automated classification of leukocytes and erythrocytes in peripheral blood and body fluid. A bone marrow application as well as an application for veterinary medicine is also available. FDA approval is in progress.

HemoFAXS leukocyte acquisition

The HemoFAXS leukocyte acquisition and classification process is based on first automatically detecting the optimal scanning area on wedge-type blood smear slides. The system then searches for MGG or otherwise stained leukocytes by scanning the area with a 10x objecti ve, storing x/y position data of each leukocyte. In a second scanning pass, slides are automatically oiled at the correct location and images of the leukocytes are taken at 100x magnification, immediately classified using Support Vector Machine technology and presented for user inspection.

The evaluation tab, on which the control of results is done, can be configured by any user and these configurations can be stored. Alternatively, the „Show all classes with cells“ will show all such classes up to the number of ten.


The standard HemoFAXS with two 8-slide stage inserts can process up to 240 slides in eight hours. User interaction with the system in this period is typically 2,3 hours.

The HemoFAXS report contains the WBC differential, the Morphology scoring, general comments and can contain up to 300 appended images from out of the sample. The data and the images can be sent to a LIS or to middleware (ASTM protocol).

HemoFAXS Edu

The HemoFAXS system can also be configured in a training setup for eight or more trainees, with one master machine providing the images for analysis.


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