Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

spirit Creating the Right Spirit

We consider ourselves an innovative enterprise on the cutting edge of science and technology whose activities are naturally guided by economic principles. We provide our customers with a new generation of analysis tools for research and medical diagnosis. In addition, we are the first manufacturer to offer quantitative analysis of tissue images. We offer and demand objectiveness, quality and innovation. Through continuous professional development, we maintain top-level scientific standards and competence. Hallmarks of our work include creativity, commitment and mutual understanding at all levels. We make sure that our staff members enjoy a pleasant working environment that brings out their best performance.

focusFocusing on People

People are the focus of our work, whether they are patients, researchers, customers or staff members. Our identity is to build relationships between people and to find solutions for people.

feedbackExchanging Thoughts

Everyday communication is about people exchanging ideas through words or images. In our daily work, we encourage sincere communication in a trustful atmosphere to promote creativity, satisfaction and social competence. We are closely cooperating with clinicians and research facilities to ensure that our development work remains on track. Custom requests and needs expressed by individuals are being incorporated to gear our products for a broad spectrum of challenges.

peerrespectJoining Forces

We are making every effort to promote a sense of commonality enabling us to act as a team. Our daily interactions are guided by mutual respect and pervaded by a peer-to-peer spirit. We strongly believe that social competence should not be a hollow phrase. Therefore we practice what we preach. Our efforts are supported by solid training, continuous professional development, setting targets, and being responsible individuals. We cannot accept poor working conditions.

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